Kate Upton boyfriend restrains her from having more than three dogs

The supermodel Kate Upton, is a great animal lover practically supports adoption of shelter dogs

Kate Upton boyfriend restrains her from having more than three dogs

Kate Upton already has three dogs but she wants a lot more of them. In fact, the supermodel recently revealed to a newspaper that she would like to have at least 10 dogs’.

Upton’ enthusiasm for dogs is, however, being held back by Justin Verlander who is her boyfriend and Detroit Tigers pitcher. Upton stated that her boyfriend is also a lover of animals be he is holding her back from having 10 dogs. He has put a limit of three dogs on the supermodel.

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Kate Upton will host Grand Slam Adoption right before the Yankees vs. Tigers spring training game. This game will be held at Marchant Stadium in Florida with the purpose of increasing awareness about shelter dogs.

The event will start in the morning and will feature dog adoption as well as other activities. A virtual auction will also be held that will offer benefit to K9 For Warriors and the SPCA Florida. These organizations work for pairing war veterans and service dogs.

Kate Upton said that she is and has always been a great animal lover. She further stated that she was raised among horses and dogs rendering these animals as a very important part of her life.

She thinks it is a worthwhile cause to adopt dogs and make people aware of the utility of shelter dogs and their importance for bring together people. According to the young model, this is a very obvious choice as far as she is concerned.

The event was also held last year in which seven dogs were immediately adopted by different people. More of them were adopted after some time.

According to MNG, Upton declared the event very important in the sense that it allows an opportunity for the dogs to meet new people and also have some exercise by getting out the shelter and running around.

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander have been in a relationship for around three years and it is more than the love of animals that has kept them together.

In Hollywood, three years, is regarded as a very long time for two very famous people to remain together. According to Kate Upton, it seems like forever in Hollywood.

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