Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski Uncensored Bathroom Selfie, Inspire sex

Despite allegations that these uncensored bathroom nude selfies inspire sex both have been adamant about their right to express their sexuality.

Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski Uncensored Bathroom Selfie pics Inspire sex

Only weeks after Kim Kardashian stirred up a social media storm with a completely nude uncensored bathroom selfie, she has done it again. The star of the reality TV show recently posted another nude selfie of herself on her social media account.

In fact, she is not alone this time as another beautiful actress and model Emily Ratajkowski has also posted a nude selfie. Bothe of them are only clad in trousers in these pictures.Their ample breasts are hidden behind black bars just like they were censored in Kim’s previous photo.

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Copying the original picture, the duo made their hairs in a similar way as they posed for their nude bathroom mirror selfies.

The star of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ posted a joke with the shot:

When we’re like…we both have nothing to wear LOL @emrata.’

Emily Ratajkowski has not only taken a stand with Kim Kardashian who had faced a serious backlash when she had posted her uncensored bathroom selfie, but also offered an explanation for teaming up with Kim for the recent picture.

There were allegations that these nude selfies inspire sex, however, 24 year old Emily stated that despite the obvious sexuality about their bodies, they are supposed to be free to express it in whatever way they want.

She further wrote that women – even the most attractive ones – are not just attractive bodies. Rather, they are much more than that. And they shouldn’t be made to be ashamed of exposing or expressing their sexuality.

Emily did agree to the fact that being sexualized in a society is a demeaning phenomenon, however, on the flip side, a woman must be allowed to decide when she wants to be sexual.

In an act of defiance to all the shamers, both Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski stuck up the middle fingers in the photograph. Kim Kardashian’s original uncensored bathroom selfie was posted during the month of March.

It had caused immediate outrage as well as applause from a lot of ordinary people and several other stars on the social media. The picture also had a lot of coverage on new programs all over the world. Bette Midler was one of those celebrities who had detracted Kim with very offensive posts on her own social media account.

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