Kate Upton reveals her skin and body secrets with fans

Kate Upton reveals her skin and body secrets with fans; The plus size model further revealed that men should also take care of their skin and stay smooth. Kate Upton has been on the cover of the prestigious Sports Illustrated magazine. She has also graced the cover of Vogue. This is not all.

Kate Upton reveals her skin and body secrets with fans

She has appeared in several fashions campaigns all around the globe. This makes her a perfect candidate to reveal some of her skin secrets and body secrets.The supermodel has recently signed a contract with Gillette. She will now act their spokesperson.

After signing this highly anticipated deal, the 22 year old starlet shared secrets of her flawless skin. She also imparted some good advice to men who wanted to impress women. Kate was posing in a summer shoot on a London rooftop.

Talking about her latest campaign, Kate told a famous news website that she has become one of the first female models to act as Gillette’s spokesperson.

Kate Upton not only shared the beauty secrets to her great skin, she also told men that women want their male partners to be smooth that is why they should always be nicely trimmed.

Kate was asked what she thought about men revealing their bodies. The supermodel answered that if a man was bold enough to wear something that revealed his flesh then he should do it.

Fashions have been very grooming for the contemporary man. Men have also begun to take care of their bodies and their faces. This is something that must be appreciated.

When asked to reveal her opinion regarding men’s grooming, she replied that she likes men who took care of themselves and their appearances. Kate usually prefers the natural look for herself. She also let her fan into her flawless skin secrets revealing that she loves the natural low maintenance glow.

Kate Upton loves mascara as well as moisturizer from Bobbi Brown. These two items are always found within her handbag. Moreover, she would also use lip balm and that is why she always keeps one with herself. Kate was forthcoming enough to describe her own personal style which, in her words, is a combination of casual but sophisticated.

The curvy model has always been a mouthpiece for positive image of the body within the fashion industry. She also said that she was having a great time in London dividing her time between sightseeing and modeling.

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