Kelly Brook riding high with new French boyfriend

It is believed that the busty brunette will be tying the knots. We had a sneaking suspicion that the busty brunette would be tying the knot again

Kelly Brook riding high with new French boyfriend

Not very long ago, Kelly Brooks was seen wearing a glowing sphere on her engagement ring finger during Christmas season. The news was confirmed by a very close friend of the actress that she was engaged to Frenchman Jeremy Parisi. But this was not the first time the news of the busty brunette had made it to tabloids.

A source stated to the newspapers that her boyfriend was a great guy. The source also wished her well. However she was unable to shed light on the date of the upcoming nuptials.

English model Kelly Brooks also refrained from making any remarks on her engagement or, and when she plans to get married. Right after Kelly Brook met the lovely Frenchman, she had declared that he was her soulmate.

After they had been dating for a few months, Kelly had stated that she wasn’t sure if they were ready for marriage just yet, but she also said that she and Jeremy were going in the right direction. She had further revealed that she and Jeremy were planning to have a baby very soon.

Model Kelly Brook had been engaged at least four times before. This has sparked rumors, despite her apparent silence in this regard, that she had already been engaged. The actress has been seen with the engagement ring since last August.

Though her fans are very happy for her, they are still very apprehensive because they know that Kelly has been engaged several times during the past but she has never managed to tie the knots.

When Kelly Brook was only sixteen, she entered a beauty competition at the insistence of her mother, after she won the competition; she was immediately hired as a model. She worked with several prestigious names in the fashion industry including Bravissimo – a company that offers inner wear like lingeries and bra for women who have comparatively large breasts. She started appearing in lad’s mags including FHM, Loaded and GQ.

Kelly Brook also produces a swimwear line in partnership with New Look. She had also served as a model for these swimwear products. She has also starred in some Hollywood flicks. Her fans are very happy that she has been engaged again.

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