Kim Kardashian Flashes Big Cleavage in a Lace Dress

Kim Kardashian showed off her big cleavage as she donned an eye watering tight sheer gown. Underneath the lacy gown, the reality show star was wearing a slip. Kim Kardashian booty is something which can instantly increase the interest of any person any time of the day.

Kim Kardashian Flashes Big Cleavage in a Lace Dress

She recently arrived in London along with her husband Kanye West. Soon after landing in the English capital, Kim Kardashian decided to have lunch in the city with her younger half-sister Kendall Jenner.

Big cleavage of the 35 year old celebrity was highly visible in a tight ensemble. Her younger sibling, 20 year old Kendall chose to wear casual jeans for the occasion.

Apart from displaying her big cleavage, Kim Kardashian also managed to boost her diminutive height with the help of lace up shoes. The suede khaki green shoes have been a part of her attire for the past few days.

Kim was carrying a black Hermes bag which will surely be the envy of every woman by now. The star model looked every bit like the international sensation that she is. Even her bag has become extremely famous.

In fact, it has become so famous that you cannot have it from the shelf. The bookings are closed and even waiting lists for the product have been closed.

The big cleavage star is apparently tired of flying so often that is why she had hidden her eyes behind oversized shades. Her hair was parted in the middle and she had chosen to wear the locks in a ponytail – slicked down style.

Her younger sibling, Kendall Jenner preferred an edgy look and wore light jeans featuring a slashed knee as well as a high waist. Her choice of attire allowed her to show off the sexy slender figure with which she has stormed the fashion industry.

Kendall Jenner was also wearing a white T-shirt above which she had an olive green sleeveless jacket. She had also fixed a funky neckerchief around the neck. She was wearing delicate make-up and chose to shield her face with round lenses. The delicate make-up was somewhat different from the heavy make-up which is preferred by her sisters.

Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West are both fond of London. They came to this city after having spent a trip to the Italian opera, and a very romantic dinner in Rome. Kim flashed her big cleavage as she shoes to wear a tight fitting dress throughout the trip.

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