Kim Kardashian Finally Reveals the Secret to Her Perfect Cleavage

Kim’s cleavage is the talk of the town and many wonder how she manages to avoid nipple slips while wearing extremely risky outfits.

Kim Kardashian Finally Reveals the Secret to Her Perfect Cleavage

Do you want to have a cleavage like Kim Kardashian? It’s easy – all you need to do is getting rid of the packing tape. The star of the reality TV show has finally made the secret of her perfect cleavage known to the public- and it revolves around a specific stationary item.

Kim Kardashian is regularly seen in daring outfits on the red carpet risking a nip slip. But she has never had such an accident. This is because her boobs are securely strapped and do not get out of the dress no matter what.

Recently, Kim Kardashian posted a picture on her own website explaining to her fans how she manages to attain the perfect cleavage. She said that she needed to share the tape secret with them since it is her secret trick for having the perfect cleft in pictures.

‘You tape them up so they are super lifted. It takes a little work but trust me it’s all worth it LOL. (sic)’ she wrote

Later she elaborates about the kinds of tapes to use, and how to use them. Kim has tried all of them but in her opinion, the gaffer tape is the best. The 35 year old actress said that she has also tried masking tape and packing tape, and every other kind of tape available, but gaffer tape is the one that sticks in the best way. Of course, there is also a problem with the gaffer tape. Removing it is not an easy task.

Kim Kardashian explained that it is necessary not have any kind of oil or lotion on while lifting the boobs with the help of the gaffer tape. Taking it off is not easy and could become very painful at times, but it is something that simply needs to be done so brace yourself for it.

The wife of Kanye West shared many naked photos in which her chest is seen are seen covered with great amounts of tape providing proof of her technique. The tape is covering her nipples and extends over her shoulders culminating into a kind of Wonder bra.

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