Ankara Blast is the Work of Kurdish Militias

Turkey blames the Syrian YPG and Turkish PKK of involvement in the shocking Ankara blast.

Ankara Blast

The president of Turkey has stated that he has evidence of Kurdish YPG militia’s involvement in the Ankara blast. The blast rocked the Turkish capital on Wednesday and claimed the lives of 28 people.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also alleged that the YPG had received support from the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) which is another Kurdish group based in Turkey. The Kurdish People’s Protection Units or the YPG is based in Syria.

Erdogan also revealed that at least 14 arrests had been made over another attack on an army convoy. The convoy was hit by a bomb in the south eastern part of the country. At least six army personnel were killed in the blast.

The Ankara bombing on Wednesday had also targeted a convoy as it was passing near government facilities. At least 20 soldiers were killed in the attack. 61 more were injured. Shocked and aggrieved families have gathered outside the medical office in Ankara as they wait for the bodies of their love ones for burial.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu had revealed the name of the Ankara bomber as Salih Necar. Necar was a Syrian and a member of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units.

The Prime Minister said that a direct link between the YPG group and the Ankara attack had been established. He further elaborated that the Kurdish militants inside Turkey offered support in the form of logistics.

The political arm of the YPG, on its part, refuted the allegations stating that it does not consider Turkey as its enemy. The PKK said that it had absolutely no idea who was responsible for the Ankara blast.

However, the Turkish president, while speaking on national television stated that despite the denial of the YPG and the PKK, there was irrefutable evidence suggesting their involvement in the incident. He also hoped that Turkey will be able to convince its allies of this involvement.

The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) is regarded as a terrorist organization by Turkey as well as its Western Allies. Turley also consider the YPG as a terrorist organization but its allies, most notably the US, is currently supporting it in its fight against the Islamic State.

Turkey is currently under immense pressure. Its ceasefire agreement with the PKK collapsed last year in July culminating in widespread military crackdowns, attacks, curfew and lots of bloodshed in the south eastern parts of the country.

Turley is also being slowly sucked into the Syrian conflict. Its artilleries have been busy shelling YPG positions near its border with Syria. Turkey has also been hot by three suicide attacks in three different cities resulting in the deaths of more than a hundred people during the past seven months.

There have been three suicide bombings in three cities, killing almost 150 people, in the last seven months. The latest attacks, in Ankara and Diyarbakir, are adding to the already alarming mood.

President Erdogan has promised swift and severe retaliation for the Ankara blast, however, many believe that it will start another spiral of unrelenting violence.

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