Kim Kardashian Shares Some Sexy Pictures From the Magazine Cover

Kim Kardashian is officially wearing Prada fitting dress for the shoot, but practically, she is wearing nothing at all.

Kim Kardashian shares some sexy pictures from the magazine cover

Just about everyone has his or her specific reason for visiting the gym. For famous celebrity, Kim Kardashian, her passion for exercise is fueled by fashion. She gave birth to her son Saint West last December, she has changed gears into a workout mode. She is usually seen in biker shorts in the motivational pictures that she posts on the internet.

On the website of the famous celebrity,, she posted some pictures from the photoshoot of her ‘Love’ magazine cover. Kim Kardashian was seen in glittering leotards, crop tops featuring floral prints, and a revealing swimsuit. The entire attire was from Prada.

kim kardashian Love magazine cover

Kim Kardashian let it be known that her 30 page spread offered a blend of vintage as well as custom pieces. The pictures were shot by Steven Klein. Kim called the collection “sick stuff I’ve never worn before.”

While she was shooting for the cover, Kim Kardashian posted that working with the renowned photographer was very crazy and they shot for three consecutive days in Los Angeles. On a single particular night, they had to work till 4 o’clock in the morning.

Kim Kardashian also posted other workout pictures during the past week. These pictures came in the guise of a ‘special delivery’ from the creative director of Balmain. These presents consisted of body con dresses and belts. These were called ‘motivation’ for allowing her to get back the pre-baby body.

Some of the photos from Kim Kardashian’s ‘Love’ magazine cover have been released leaving fans gaping for more. While star is said to be wearing Prada for the photoshoot, it is almost a cinch that the celebrity won’t be wearing anything at all, revealing every inch of her great body.

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