Kim Kardashian Yearning for Her Pre Motherhood Shape

Kim Kardashian has vowed that she will lose two pounds every week with the help of Atkins diet so that she can attain her sexy pre-pregnancy body.

Kim Kardashian

The 35 year old reality star has undertaken a vigorous workout regime as well as a comprehensive diet plan in order to attain the sexy shape that she used to have before she gave birth to her boy Saint more than a month ago.

Taking assistance from professional nutritionist, Kim Kardashian is planning to lose 2 pounds a week with the help of Atkins diet. It will also allow her to have the right amount of protein and carbohydrates besides the healthy fats needed by her body.

Kim Kardashian recently revealed through a social media website how excited she was about the idea. She further revealed that she had already lost 30 pounds and she needs to shed 40 more. She said she is focused on her objective. Kim had gained around 60 pounds when she became pregnant for the second time. But now, she is keen to lose all that extra weight.

The diet plan will allow Kim Kardashian to have all the essential nutrients she would need to breastfeed her little boy besides providing energy to go through with her workout regime.

The workout part wasn’t easy at all that is why she has hired a professional trainer for the job. Kim seeks motivation from the trainer whenever she becomes lazy or simply doesn’t want to go on with the workout routine.

Nutritionist Colette Heimowitz who is managing Kim’s Atkins diet program told a newspaper that the pace that she and Kim have set is realistic. Two pounds a week is a reasonable goal and the best thing about this pace is that it will not affect her breastfeeding since she would be getting enough proteins and through, fish, chicken and meat.

The Atkins diet features ample protein as well as vegetables. The diet, however, also features fruits like berries. The diet plan also offers nuts, olive oil, Greek Yogurt and cheese.

Heimowitz recently told a magazine that Atkins diet plan allow taking more calories when compared to other diets. This actually results in losing more weight. She further said that since Kim is also working out on a regular basis, it will have a very positive effect on her body. With the pace of 2 pounds a week, it will take her a few months to get back in shape.

Of course, another added point is that Kim Kardashian is highly motivated and committed. However, the reality TV celebrity will need some sustenance with her toddler and his two-year old sibling.

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