New York Times creating timeline of Las Vegas Shooting

Las Vegas Shooting – Mass shooting in Las Vegas developed again by the prestigious newspaper with the help of videos made at the scene and piecing them together.

New York Times creating timeline of Las Vegas Shooting

NYT Investigation

As per the investigation carried out by the New York Times, the shooting began at around 10:00 p.m. local time. It does match with the timeline of the investigators. There were a few initial shots.

Firing from an automatic weapon could also be heard during the performance of the singer Jason Aldean.

After at least one minute into the shooting, NYT states that Stephen Paddock shot Mandalay Bay security guard. This occurred in the hallway.

However, this account does not match with the timeline of the investigator according to which Stephen Paddock shot Campos first and then began shooting into the crowd.

Important question

This is one of the most important questions raised by the investigators at NYT. They have made use of a series of videos for creating a timeline.

They have, however, stated that the picture is not yet definitive and more information is bound to emerge but it provides a clue to what would actually have happened. The NYT investigation team apparently investigated each and every shot that was fired.

After 36 seconds

The second round of gunfire erupted 36 seconds after the radio message from Campos. The shots were fired into the crowd.

Just after 17 seconds another burst of gunfire erupted, and after 20 seconds, another one. According to NYT, there were at least nine hundred shots that were fired into the crowd.

Around 10:10 another gunfire was heard from the video of a taxi driver. This indicated that another round of firing may have been started in the hallway.

Delay in Arrival

Video Las Vegas shooting fails to explain why police officers were not on the 31st floor at the right time. It took them at least seven minutes to reach the place after the start of the shooting.

Were there no officers present in the vicinity or they has also panicked like the general public?

It has been three weeks into the shooting but still there are several questions that need satisfactory answers. What motivated Stephen Paddock to shoot into the crowd? Why did he commit suicide? And why there is still confusion regarding the timeline of events.

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