Libya Al Qaeda leader Killed by the U.S strikes

According to the officers who told fox news that the initiate to kill credibly Al Qaida leader aimed by the U.S military by an air assault in 2013 in Algeria beyond the pounce on a gas plant that killed 35 prisoners.

Libya Al Qaeda leader Killed by the U.S strikes

The aircraft which is designed and used for combat targeted Mokhtar Bel Mokhtar and many others in the eastern city of Ajdabiya this is according to the Libyan Government and U.S officers. Terrorism charges were classified by the U.S against the Bel Mokhtar last year in correspondence with the Algeria attack.

According to the officers they presume that he endured a threat to U.S and Western interests. It is believed that the afflicted came after the discussion with the U.S because it is very necessary so that America will take the action against a terror leader there.

One governmental officer in Libya presumed that the airstrike which hit the group in Ajdabiya was associated with Ansar al – Shariah and killed the five persons and injured more. He also said this to the victims, who injured and got into clashes with the Libyan Force that guarded the hospital there after the hours of fighting.

He gave a condition to speak as showing ambiguity because he was not allowed to speak to media. Bel Mokhtar was targeted by the manned U.S according to the senior U.S defense officer who told this to Fox news.

The charges that filed opposed by Bel Mokhtar that the federal law enforcement officers included was to support Al Qaeda and also the charge to use of a weapon of mass destruction, the plan to take prisoner and discharging a firearm in advancement of a crime of violence carry a maximum sanction of death.

According to the U.S Attorney Preet Bharara that Bel Mokhtar unbind a terror that rules from years ago. People were offered by the reward of $5 who will give the information leading to the arrest of Bel Mokhtar who was known as the one- eyed sheik.

He was known as one eyed sheik because he had lost his one eye in combat. The airstrike continues to have battle with members of the Islamic state. News spread that a masked gunman killed the senior Al Qaeda leader last week. Conflicts and clashes between two groups killed 11 people. Libyans division between the Islamist led government and its elected parliament.

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