Life With Diabetes: How to Improve your Blood Sugar Levels

What is the Cause of Diabetes?

There are different types of diabetes. The type of diabetes is depending on the severity of the disease. Basically, diabetes is a disease that takes place when the blood sugar level is high. There is no certain age wherein diabetes can occur. It can be developed at any age. In any case and any type of diabetes, it should be treated seriously because it can arise to riskier health problems. There is no specific cure yet for diabetes but there are many ways to manage it. Check Yes Wellness link for more info for they offer supplements that can help in managing diabetes.

It is mostly claimed that diabetes is hereditary. Type 2 diabetes is the type that is caused by genes or lifestyle. If a family member has diabetes, there is a possibility that you can also have too. But you also have to keep in mind that this can be prevented with your effort to make a better and healthy lifestyle. Although the possibility of you having diabetes in the future is high if a family member does have, it is also highly possible that you will not develop it to yourself if you keep a healthy lifestyle. Meanwhile, even if no one in your family has diabetes but you live an unhealthy lifestyle, you can also develop type 2 diabetes. Genes and lifestyle have a lot to do in developing diabetes.

Living an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to diabetes also. Eating unhealthy foods and vices are most commonly developed as diabetes.  Unhealthy lifestyle such as sleep deprivation, smoking and eating too many sweets, those are some of the common cause of diabetes. Sometimes, the only way for you to not to develop diabetes is to live a healthy life. Diabetes should be taken seriously because this can lead to more severe illness and harder to cure.

How to Improve your Blood Sugar Levels:

1. Exercise regularly. Have a physically active lifestyle.

Having a regular exercise will make you lose weight and this will make a difference in your blood sugar level. But also, you have to keep in mind the important factor to consider before working out, you have to eat a small amount of food or light snack to prevent very low blood sugar level called hypoglycemia. Here is a list of recommended food you can eat before working out:

Oats – this can give energy but not feeling full. Oats are rich in carbohydrates but it is a light meal. Eating oats before working out can give you the energy to last for the whole work out routine without making you feel bloated.

Hard Boiled egg – it is low calorie yet rich in protein. A hard-boiled egg is very good before working out because it is very rich in protein thus it is very good for the muscle. It is the most recommendable if you are going to the gym and will do weights.

Foods that are rich in protein and carbohydrates are the best before exercising but also keep in mind that this should not make you feel bloated it is just to avoid low blood sugar level.

2. Stay hydrated and always drink water.

The benefit of drinking water and keeping your body hydrated on blood sugar level is you will excrete excess blood sugar through urine. You will also perspire more if you exercise regularly. But also keep in mind that water is the best to make your body hydrated. Alcoholic or carbonated drinks will increase your risk of having diabetes. Water should be the only drink that you will take in order to hydrate your body.

3. Be watchful on what you eat.

Allowed to eat:VegetablesWheat breadChia seeds (mix with smoothies)Fruits but not dried GarlicEgg (hard-boiled preferably)What to avoid:Sweets (chocolates, cakes, candies)Any drinks that are sugary and carbonatedFatty foodsFoods that are high in carbohydrates (rice, white bread, noodles, pasta)Junk foods

4. Always get enough sleep.

Sleep can affect blood sugar level and vice versa. Once sleep affected the blood sugar level, it will lead to a sleeping disorder, that will become a cycle. When you deprive yourself of sleep, you will feel weak and less energetic. Your tendency is to eat sweets such as ice cream, cakes, etc. Your blood sugar will elevate then you will have trouble sleeping because of the uncomfortable feelings diabetes cause. If you want to maintain your blood sugar level in place and right, always get enough sleep so you do not have to eat comfort foods and you will only eat healthy ones instead.

Prevention is always better than cure that is why it is essential to take care of your health as early as possible. But if currently, you are suffering from diabetes, it is never too late to improve your lifestyle by improving your blood sugar level.

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