Lindsey Pelas is the Hottest Woman on Instagram

Former Playboy model and Instagram star Lindsey Pelas is proud of her curvy, toned body—and isn’t about to cover up just because someone else tells her to.

Lindsey Pelas

The young model from Louisiana has been subjected to a string of derogatory remarks that can be hurled at a woman; however, she has explained through a video that she has no regard for all these people. They won’t be able to hold her back from what she thinks is her right.

She further stated that the people within the society want you to cover your body and change the way you perceive yourself only because someone doesn’t like it and is offended by it.

Lindsey currently lives in Los Angeles and boats more than 3 million ardent followers. This exorbitant number of followers indicates that there are many more people who appreciate her body and want to see it.

Photographs of the young model that are shared on social media websites expose her ample assets and highly toned abs coupled with a perfectly chiseled back. These pictures have earned thousands upon thousands of likes. Moreover, her fans also leave highly affectionate comments about her body.

This does not mean that every comment posted on her pictures are very nice. Some of the people have called her a whore while others call her a slut.

The more refined comments asked her to cover her body. These negative comments are not only posted b y other women. There are men too who have subjected her to very disgusting remarks.

Lindsey Pelas has remarked that people have not been very fair to her. The only fact is that I like my body and love to take my own pictures. My cleavage looks very good. I want to share these pictures with my fans because I feel good doing it, and I will continue to do it.

There is little doubt that Lindsey Pelas is currently the hottest woman on Instagram. She has very little regard for all the shamers who hurl remarks at her.

She does not hate them because, in her opinion, these people are losers who need attention. They have only known rejection and cruelty throughout their lives and it shows in their words.

Lindsey Pelas offered advice to other women who lo9ve their bodies and want to share its picture on social media. She said that people will never stop shaming them so they must be ignored. She further said that she a woman should be strong and should have the will to do what she feels is right for her.

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