Italy Earthquake reminds Historical Earthquake

It is reported that dozens of people have lost their lives due to an earthquake that occurred in central Italy. The magnitude of the Italy earthquake is said to be 6.2 on Richter scale. It hit at 03:36 in the north east of the capital city Rome. The area which is around 65 miles from Rome is not very far from Perugia.

Italy Earthquake

The epicenter of the Italy quake is believed to be near Accumoli. This is also the place where most of the people lost their lives. In Amatrice, only a short distance from the epicenter, most of the houses were destroyed.

Authorities think that there are many people who have either been trapped under the rebel or have died and are buried under it. In this case, the expected death toll due to the quake will rise.

The prime minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi praised the work being carried out by civil defense officials and volunteers. These people rushed to the scene of the though it was the middle of the night. They dug into the rubble with their bare hands in order to bring out the survivors.

The intensity of the Italy earthquake which hit a 10 km depth was comparable to the 2009 L’aquila quake which cost the lives of around 300 people.

In the capital Rome, many buildings shook when the earthquake struck the areas of Lazio, Umbria and Le Marche. People from the north to the south felt the earthquake. Since it struck, around 80 aftershocks have also hit the region.

The true extent of the casualties due to Italy earthquake is still not known clearly, however, Ansa—the news agency of Italy—has reported that 74 people have died. 35 of the victims lost their lives in Amatrice while 11 in the area of Accumoli. The rest of the deaths occurred in Pescara del Tronto and Arquata Del Tronto.

It is said that the danger of earthquake have always been present in the area of the Apennine mountains. There have been tremors in the area for centuries that have caused the deaths of thousands of people. Even though, modern building techniques have decreased the risk of damage caused due to earthquakes, it is still a great threat.

The details of the current earthquake are rather complicated. Scientists believe that the sea lying to the west of Italy is opening up and tearing apart the Apennines. This can result in further devastating earthquakes in the future.

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