Loneliness Interrelated to Harmful Health Effects

Loneliness is a person’s worst enemy. The feeling of being lonely or being detached from your loved ones is not just a human emotion. It’s more of a complex emotional response to the lack of companionship.

Loneliness Interrelated to Harmful Health Effects

In the blink of an eye, days pass by leaving no room for self-contemplation but if we take a moment off out of our busy schedule and think that how many of us truly enjoy companionship to the fullest?

Loneliness has been haunting a person’s happiness since God knows when. It’s a barrier; an obstacle which if not removed can kill a person from the inside. Loneliness and its negative effects can damage one’s mental and physical health.

Causes of Loneliness:

Scientists discovered that one out of every 5 persons is lonely and don’t have somebody to share their feelings with. Loneliness can affect our mental and physical health which should be a point of concern and a noteworthy fact for everyone. Loneliness must be avoided at any cost.

Rejection and Over-Criticism:

Depression and loneliness are closely related. It develops a sense of isolation in a person who is many times rejected and abused by his friends and family members. By abuse I mean, being made fun of, being abandoned by friends or family and being abused or tortured verbally. All these situations are a worst case scenario for any human being and can cause him to be depressed.

An Inability to Fit in:

Excessive introvert nature or a physical disability can start a realization upon an individual that he does not fit into his group of friends. It can promote him to think that he’s a misfit in the rest of the crowd. When they try to imitate or copy their group members and fail to break the ice and cross the barriers which prevent them to be a part of the group, they can end up being depressed.


The pain of the death of a loved one, the pain of the end of a relationship and the pain of a child losing his teddy bear are all the same. Pain is pain. And the only feeling it could assume that it’s the end of the world for him. People who are excessively emotional and sensitive can end up being depressed over heartbreak, divorce or a breakup. There could be other reasons too but the outcome is always the same.

Some people handle their grieving phase easily while for others it can continue for years pushing them towards loneliness which can cause mental and psychiatric diseases.

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