How to begin a blog and make money?

Make Money Blogging – Just like any other kind of work, blogging requires hard work, discipline, dedication, and consistency for one to earn from it. The pay comes at the very last stage after the Blog is up running and has complete. It, therefore, means that one has to concentrate on making their Blog stand out, acquire a good number of readers, and let the money idea be the last thing on their mind. A thing of first importance is your desire to do it and content. Ask for help from creative writing service in case you struggling with it. A blog can be an excellent source of income, especially if one has the below tips in mind.

Make Money Blogging

Build a wide readership

The more the number of readers visiting your Blog, the higher the chances of monetization. In case of a first post, give the readers a good reason to come back for another read to build a proper size of readers for your benefit. Go a step ahead and create a mail list whereby the readers willingly fill in their email addresses and get notified whenever there is a new post on the Blog. It is the right way of retaining the readers one has as well as earning oneself new ones. Send them available products and services to make them frequent the Blog.

Blog Monetization

Making money from blogging can be a good feeling to any blogger but should come after one has built a strong readership base. The easiest way to do so is advertising on the Blog. One can do this by creating an account with companies like AdSense, which are part of the Google advertising network. With AdSense, you get a code that automatically displays adverts on the Blog. YOU earn from every click, depending on the number of visitors on the Blog. The flow of income depends entirely on three factors:

The number of people visiting the Blog

The more the number of visitors, the better for the blogger as this means more income flowing in.

Visibility of the Adverts

The codes or texts can be in large or small sizes. Make them based on the audience type as some readers may be bothered by bigger or smaller sizes. Ensure you locate them accurately for them to be easily seen by the readers as well. Constant pop up from every corner of the page may not go well with some readers hence ensure the ads appear at appropriate places.

The topic of the Blog.

The topic one blogs have a significant influence on their AdSense income. Targeting readers with healthy income like golf players gives one an upper hand to earn more as compared to a blogger whose content is more consumed by teenagers with low purchasing power. Advertisers will be more interested in the former than the latter blogger due to their varied topics that determine their audience.

A blog can be a good source of income, especially if one is patient, as might take quite some time. For a successful journey in blogging, follow all the steps carefully, and let the money earning come last. The process may be tedious, but rewarding makes everything worth it. Choose an enjoyable topic, and that gives a free flow of ideas to make the writing easy. As long as one has the passion, hold nothing back as this may be the beginning of an exciting journey into blogging.

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