Massive Damage After the Tornado Strike in Illinois

With the recent event gathering around in the social media the most prominent is the massive damage after the tornado. A devastative thunderstorm produced nine tornadoes in north central Illinois counting at least one EF-3 tornado, one EF-2 tornado and two EF-1 tornadoes as the National Weather Service last Tuesday.

Massive Damage after the tornado strike in Illinois

Different media sources said that at least five tornadoes were described in Will, Kankakee, Lee, Grundy and LaSalle sections from late Monday evening to early Tuesday morning. A reliable news source confirmed an EF-3 tornado imprinted a three-quarter-mile extensive path just east of Interstate 55 between Grundy and Will counties. The track of the tornado strained at least 16.5 miles from 4 miles southwest of Morris over Coal City to 6.9 miles southeast of Braidwood. An EF-3 tornado has winds of 136 to 165 MPH.

The high-end EF-2 tornado with extreme assessed wind speeds up to 130 MPH engraved a half-mile path in Lee County from Woodhaven Lakes to south of Sublette Ill. An EF-2 tornado has winds of 111 to 135 MPH. EF-1 tornadoes were inveterate in LaSalle County near Mendota and in Lee County close Harmon. An EF-1 tornado has storms of 86 to 110 mph.

Officials are saying that it has reestablished power to more than 90 percent of customers. At the height of the storm further than 55,000 customers were in the dark. It was considered that most of the outages were in Dixon, Sterling, Coal City and Joliet.

Numerous survivors were dragged from their basements as soon as the once rescue teams were able to get to them. In a short distance more than 35 agencies replied. A wide setup for the search-and-rescue operations ended Tuesday.

Officials said they have now curved their attention to gathering damage estimates and working with federal organizations to regulate the path of the tornado. Citizens said they got tornado sirens go off and took cover.

In a horrible incidence Fire Station No. 2 was hit by lightning during the storm, which initiated a public services tower to decrease on the building. Assistant Fire Chief Kevin Schultz there is some damage to Woodhaven Lakes which is a private 1800-acre campground in Sublette was worse than he expected.

After the horrible incident the officials said that we are very lucky that the storm hit on a Monday when the campsite was not full otherwise on a weekend it can hold close to 30,000 people and the result will be devastating.

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