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Medical fitouts

A trip to healthcare set up for medical treatment or surgery normally doesn’t happen to be a time of great happiness for the patient. As healthcare professionals, it is imperative that you make your healthcare center a comfortable and warm place, where patients feel welcome.

We, at ImpeccaBuild, are proven medical center builders, having designed a number of healthcare facilities interiors. From our experience, we can, for certain, tell you that the safety and comfort of your patients is a priority focus area while choosing medical fit-outs. Another point to consider is that quite a good number of patients tend to bring their children along for the appointment, which means that it’s good to incorporate a kids section for the children to play while their parent(s) are seeing the doctor. It becomes all the more necessary when the children themselves have an appointment, and they need to spend some time before their turn comes. 

If you are looking for new medical fitouts Sydney, you should focus on your patients’ care and comfort and make them feel secure from the moment they walk in through the door. From our rich experience in helping many medical facilities with their fit-out designs, we are sharing some medical fit out ideas to consider while choosing medical fitout companies Sydney.


Colors cause the maximum impact on your business design, and harmony should be ensured between all the colors in use. Your center should have a color scheme that soothes the senses and calms the mind, but that does not mean that you should refrain from using bright colors.  Sometimes, using bright colors can uplift the mood of your patients.

Some colors are also known to bring out certain emotions. It is good to assume that brighter colors can be used for kids’ play areas, and lighter-hued shares of the same colors can be put to use for the main waiting area. Using neutral colors for surgery rooms is essential, but you can show a bit of creativity and personality by using sensible and clean designs for your decor.


Indoor plants should be an integral part of your medical practice setup, and even a water feature can be added to make it look more appealing. People have a tendency to feel calm when they experience the tranquil effect of running water. If the plant maintenance looks to be a tedious job for yourself, you always have the option to enlist a plant maintenance company.


The reception area is the first interaction area that your patients encounter when they visit your medical center. It is crucial to ensure that the reception is a meticulously designed place that can appeal to your patients. If you have updates for the patients, you should display them on the wall behind the reception. Holiday decorations should be used whenever possible to make the reception area, and the medical center, in general, gives out the vibe of being a welcoming place.

It is good to consider what materials you want to use to build the reception area – do you want to use wooden fit-outs or ones made out of synthetic material. The security of reception staff is another critical issue that needs to be taken care of because it is possible that some patients might become agitated if they do not get the restricted medication that they come looking in for. The reception area should be high so that people can not directly and easily access it from the front.


Using comfortable and separate furniture in your waiting rooms is necessary for the comfort and safety of your patients and visitors. People like to have a decent sitting space to themselves with the person sitting next to them a comfortable distance away. Also, being a medical center, regular cleaning of the furniture will be something that you will have to take care of.

Are you looking for fitouts for your new medical center? Looking to revamp your existing medical practice setup? Connect with us at ImpeccaBuild to choose intelligent and comprehensive design concepts for your medical center.

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