Miley Cyrus posts tearful speech after Trump Election

The tearful speech confirms the fact that Miley Cyrus has always been a supporter of democratic presidential candidate.

Miley Cyrus posts tearful speech

Miley Cyrus posts tearful speech

On occasions, she also campaigned for Hillary Clinton in person.The results of America’s recent elections have left her completely devastated.

Video message

While, Miley Cyrus posted the video of a tearful speech expressing her feelings and disgust at Donald Trump’s election.

In fact, she was distraught that Hillary Clinton was not going to be the next US president. The tearful speech video was apparently recorded on Wednesday during the early hours of the morning.

Anyone but Trump

The young celebrity said during her tearful speech that she supported everyone who stood up to Donald Trump.

She supported Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. She simply wanted anyone other than Donald Trump to become the US president.

Hillary Clinton’s missed Opportunity

The thing that has saddened Miley Cyrus most is the fact that Hillary Clinton will not become the first female president of the US.

However, the thought of this missed opportunity brought even more tears to her eyes as she once again reiterated the belief that Hillary deserved to become the 1st female president of America in her lifetime.

Hillary has fought for a long time for the betterment of America and there is no doubt that she loves this country.

Conciliatory tone

Resorting to a conciliatory tone towards the end of the tearful speech video. The young singer said that she will respect the elected president of he chooses to respect people like her who think differently than him.

She called on Donald Trump to treat everyone with love and compassion’s and offer respect to everyone.

Cyrus also offered help to Trump in case he wanted to discuss anything that he wasn’t able to understand. If he was ready to open his mind, Cyrus will offer her every assistance. In this context, the tearful speech video ended with Miley Cyrus still crying.

Towards the end, she thanked Hillary Clinton once again for being such a great inspiration.

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