Mobile Technology Trends That Extensively Affected App Development Process

The mobile technology trend has evolved a lot in the last few years. Various technologies have been invented which has made our life more easy and convenient than before ever. Now all the business have mobile app solution for their business, business who do not opt for app solution for their business undoubtedly loses wide opportunities and a significant proportion of customers who are online. Hence competitiveness is one of the main reasons which is responsible for the app market growth.

According to a Statista report, Global mobile app revenues were around 365 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 which this revenue is expected to grow high and reach 935 billion U.S. dollars in 2023. These Mobile apps revenue is generated from in-app advertising and paid downloads. 

Impact of Technological Advancement on the Mobile App Market

Users downloaded around 178.1 billion apps from the app store to connect devices in 2017, this figure is expected to grow and jump to 258.2 billion app downloads by 2022. In January 2018 the most-downloaded app from the Google Play Store was WhatsApp and Facebook. Facebook ranked first in the race with more than 130 million monthly app downloads. (Source)

New technologies are invented to meet the demand of the present generation. Increased use of connected gadgets has led to significant growth in the use of the latest technologies in the mobile industry. Smart gadgets and the advent of the latest technology have affected customer behavior to some extent and have provided various scope and opportunities to may of the businesses. Most of the people these days want to avail various services from their smartphones as it offers more convenience and freedom to them.

IoT Based Apps

Mobile Technology Trends That Extensively Affected App Development Process

Internet of Things(IoT) has created a great buzz in the app development market in the last few years. According to a report, the Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices will be reached around 75.44 billion by 2025, it is also predicted that this number will jump up in the next five years. 

Due to the increasing demand for smart things worldwide, the number of IoT applications is also increasing. Most of the smart application plays a significant role as it is the main tool for operating and managing connected devices. This apps also fulfills the gap between people and intelligent systems as the people can operate various systems effectively through the app.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) Apps

The app development industry has started focusing on Artificial Intelligence(AI) technology from 2017. First of all, Apple started using AI Technology by integrating voice assistant Siri into the applications. This encouraged other businesses to adopt and integrate artificial intelligence into their apps. 

AI has completely revolutionized app development processes and was welcomed by all the businesses with open hands. Business giant uber is also using this advance technology as it ensures the safety of the riders, helps in better planning and decision making, etc. If you want to develop the uber clone app solution for your business, then you must also think of using this technology. The app solution developed using this technology will recognize voice commands, help to make better decisions, and will anticipate user behavior. 

Blockchain Apps

Blockchain technology is used widely in mobile app solutions these days. Apps developed using this technology provide the best ever security and help in improving the protection of your application which can indirectly result in customer loyalty. In both the app store you will find various applications that have been using blockchain technology to some extent. 

Cloud Computing Based Apps

Most of the developers are investing in cloud technology which has significantly given rise to the mobile-cloud era. Applications which are been developed using advanced technologies like Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, etc consumes huge storage and affect your internal memory. App developed using cloud technology solves this problem as the remote servers provide huge storage space to the app. Due to the availability of storage space, the app functions seamlessly on the user’s device and also doesn’t affect their internal memory. Also, these apps can be downloaded quickly whenever users want to use them on their smartphones. 

Concluding Note

It really does not matter which type of business you are running or to which category your business follow what matters is that whether you are updating your business with the going trend or not. You have to adopt the latest technology trends which will not only help to satisfy the need of the present generation but will also help to expand your business worldwide.

To stay updated with the current market you need to know what is going on in the market, what your targeted audience is using and what is their demand, you must know each and everything about your targeted audience this can help in developing the application which can succeed in the market leaving your competitors far behind in the competitive business race. Understanding the latest technology trends will also help you to get ready for the future and make the necessary decisions to stay up to date.

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