Most Demanded Men’s Fashion Trends Of The Year

Best men’s fashion trends for 2020

Are you on top of the men’s fashion trends? Here is all the juicy stuff for you to revamp your wardrobe a little and catch up with the latest styles in American made clothing seen on the fashion weeks. From chic street to exciting business, there is no shortage of inspiration for men who would like to upgrade their wardrobe. Let’s see what’s trending.

Most Demanded Men's Fashion Trends of the year

1: Oversized Tailoring

2019 was all about snuggle fits. Although some of it has infiltrated 2020, there came a huge acceptance in baggy denim or Chandler Bing-like oversized tailoring.

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I know, when you have spent the entire year in slim and skinny fit attire, it’s a little hard to wear loose clothing right away. To nail the look and create a cohesive silhouette, wear tight fitted trousers and a baggy jacket. It’s important to wear similar cuts to create a flow from head to toe.

2: Tailoring & Knitwear

If you are the type of person who wears a suit, there is coming a transformation your way in the form of suits and knitwear. This is more than just a fleeting trend. It is to become a staple of modern menswear.

I like Tailoring & Knitwear the best because if you stick to the right pieces, you are always going to nail the look. The best piece is a rollneck. It slips comfortably under a suit jacket and doesn’t limit your movement. It’s an excellent substitute for a shirt. In my opinion, the darker the color, the smarter you are going to look.

3: The Ever Time-Less Chinos

In case you are searching for an alternative to denim, chinos are the go-to option. This tailored fit apparel is available in a range of colors. Plus, they are ideal for workplace and weekend wear. You don’t have to do much work to look like a gentleman besides just putting them on.

Chinos are meant for good looking outfits without making you feel stuffy. They are breathable, and you can wear them year-round.

4: The Go-To Rugby Shirt

Rugbies are back in the trend, my friend. Whether it’s the one in solid colors, with stripes, or a little bit of embroidery, they deserve to be in your wardrobe. You can take this shirt wherever you go. The best time to wear one is when you are looking to go loud.

You don’t have to put much effort into looking gone in a rugby shirt, which is why it’s essential. It’s just like those trendy tie-dye sweatshirts. To create a contrasting vibe, wear one with dark selvage denim.

5: Cool Puffer Vests

The moment the weather gets chilly, you would see men wearing puffer vests. They keep your chest warm. With the soft interior and a laidback outer, it’s easy to style puffer vests for any occasion. Dark shades such as grey, charcoal, and black pair well with neutral outfits. If you are the type of person who doesn’t mind adventures, then you can always choose a bold color like blue, red, or baby pink. Style them with jackets, jumpers, or long-sleeved shirts. Don’t be afraid to get varying sizes.

6: The Sleek Fisherman Beanies

Fisherman Beanies have bagged the title for winter’s hottest headwear. They look sleek and offer superior comfort. These beanies can be worn outside winters as well.  You may either roll the hat’s bottom upwards for a snug fit or let it sit at the back of your head for a laidback style.

This little accessory will keep your noggin warm and polish off your outfit effortlessly during the cold seasons.

7: Two-Tone Sneakers

Aren’t you bored with unicolored sneakers? Then go for the two-toned ones and add some hue to your feet. The popular shades include white and blue and red and black. These sneakers don’t just offer comfort, they inject fun into your outfit without trying too hard. When buying a pair, do your research and pick the combination that’s a blend of sleek and comfortable.

8: Bright Blue

As we speak of bold colors, you must have noticed a splash of bright blue in most men’s attire. It’s the Pantone Color of Year, and it’s making waves especially in street style. There is no need to wear an entire bright blue outfit, just a touch of this shade in the form of accessories, shoes, or a sleeve would do the work.

It has the power to add a spark to your ensemble. No doubt it’s a great color to add an exciting dimension to your daily wardrobe.


Go ahead and add style to your wardrobe with this cheat sheet. Feel free to experiment. You may try on a bright blue hoodie with khaki pants or wear a necklace on a plain T-shirt to ace Jake Gyllenhaal’s street style. The limit does not exist!

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