Muslim Woman in Hijab graces Playboy magazine

The 22 year old journalist presented Muslim Woman in hijab through Playboy in the magazine’s latest issue. The young woman donned a complete outfit with a leather jacket and a pair of sneakers in order to make a case for feminine modesty.

Muslim Woman in Hijab graces Playboy magazine

A Muslim journalist wearing hijab posed for Playboy for the first time in history. The Playboy photoshoot featured Noor Tagouri who will be seen in the October issue of the magazine. This is part of the 2016 Renegades series for celebrating people who would not have qualms about bending the existing rules for their trades.

It is notable that the muslim woman Noor Tagouri is a first generation Libyan American. She is based in West Virginia. Noor has a dream of becoming the first ever anchor on American television with a hijab.

In response, the Muslim woman first received attention of the media in 2012 when she shared a picture of herself at the News desk of ABC 7. The caption with the picture read:’

The first hijab wearing news anchor on American television.

While, the picture posted by Noor Tagouri became viral. It also started a campaign ‘LetNoorShine’ which helped to encourage other people like their own identities and go after their dreams. Muslim Woman Noor Tagouri is a graduate of Maryland University. She is currently employed by a video news network, Newsy.

Noor Tagouri is a non-conformist at heart who is always demanding change. She has great looks and an uncanny ability to always ask the right questions. The young Muslim woman has people asking themselves why they are so obsessed with a person who chooses to cover her head.

The Playboy features reveals that where hijab is concerned, Noor wouldn’t take no for an answer. During the entire photoshoot, she wore a black leather jackets and black pants— and of course, the hijab.

Noor has been criticized for appearing in the notorious magazine. A lot of people were also shocked to see a Muslim woman in the magazine. Tagouri has received backlash for her appearance in Playboy.

Some people were shocked to see a Muslim woman in the magazine. Though, she is also getting support from fellow Muslim Women who prefer to wear the hijab. Noor, on her part, told the Playboy that she is never unfazed by any negative comment.

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