2017 Pirelli calendar shows raw photos of famous celebrities

The new 2017 Pirelli calendar has furthered the cause of its no-makeup movement with its latest. The calendar shows barefaced actresses in several enticing poses.

Pirelli calendar 2017

2017 Pirelli calendar

It has been famous for decades for the glamour it exudes, the exclusive content it offers, and the nudity it shows. The Pirelli calendar is no different from its predecessors, in not better.

The calendar features some of the most famous actresses in Hollywood as they pose for the photographer without any kind of makeup on their faces.

Pirelli calendar 2017 celebrities

Black and White

This year’s calendar was revealed on Tuesday. It features photos of fourteen actress. The novel aspect of the snaps is that the divas are not wearing any kinds of fancy clothes, or dolled up altogether. By contrast, the pictures are shot in black and white and show the women with unkempt hair and no make-up.

2017 Pirelli calendar

German Snapper

The calendar has been shot by Peter Lindbergh who is a very famous name in the industry. Lindbergh stated that women are being portrayed as possessors of beauty and perfection all over the media.

He thought it was time everyone should be reminded that women possess another kind of beauty which is more real. This asset is not manipulate by the media since it offers individuality and courage.

New 2017 Pirelli calendar

The new break

This is a new break which started last year. In the previous calendar, Serena Williams, Yoko Ono and Amy Schumer were portrayed.

The photographer, Annie Leibovitz said that she wanted to show direct images rather than depicting women as showpieces.

The no-makeup movement has become rather famous over the past few year. It gained further momentum when Alicia Keys wrote an essay in which she explained why she like to be barefaced.

People think that it is an act of bravery for a woman in show business to go without make-up.

The 2017 Pirelli calendar has also tried to make a political statement about society norms. This shows the cultural relevance of the product.

However, the calendar is printed in limited numbers and is available to a few celebrities and customers of car companies.

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