10-Point Checklist for New Bike Owners

Getting a new bike surely feels great! For most of us, it either means finally having our very own travel companion or maybe just an easier way to get to our destination. The very first bike we own will always be the most special one for us.

Checklist for New Bike Owners

And keeping that in mind, your bike needs to be taken care of all the time. And since you wouldn’t want any scratches or dents on it, you’ll want to ride carefully, no matter where you go! So here are those points you need to keep in mind so that your bike is always performing at its best and you are always happy and proud to be its owner.

  • Buying insurance for the bike
    Getting new bike insurance online is the first thing you should do after getting your new bike home. Start your research soon, probably even before you purchase the bike. Use an online bike insurance calculator to calculate what premium you could be paying for your new two-wheeler and then get in touch with a bike insurance company of your choice!
    Since third-party bike insurance is a legal mandate in India, never skip having it or else you could be paying a hefty traffic fine. And in case there is an accident, you will have to shell out money from your own pocket for the damages to someone else’s vehicle!
  • Invest in safety gear
    Yes, that is one thing you will have to do before you head out with your bike. And don’t just limit it to buying a good helmet. Of course, that is the most important one and will be in use on all days. However, it is the long road trips that call for other safety gear like gloves, riding jackets, boots and more.
  • Learn riding from a professional
    Even if you know how to ride a bike, take a few lessons from a professional instructor. It will help you learn the right techniques, focus on safe riding and be a good biker.
  • Stay attentive on the road
    The feeling of riding your new bike will keep you excited for several days. But don’t miss keeping your eyes on the road. Always drive safely and attentively.
  • Check your bike often
    Take a good look at your bike daily. If you see a flat tire, have it repaired or changed. If there are major damages that need repairs, get it done at the earliest. Also, don’t forget to check the fuel tank and the breaks now and then.
  • Be a defensive rider
    This is something every biker should be aware of. Keep an eye on the side mirrors and when it is safe, do a shoulder check from time to time. This has to be done to eliminate all blind spots that could cause a potential accident.
  • Maintain lane discipline
    This is another way of protecting yourself on the road by riding on one lane and not cruising in a zig-zag pattern all over the road. Not only is it for your own safety but also for that of other people and their vehicles.
  • Ride the bike often
    At first, you will want to ride your new bike now and then. But if you happen to change your mode of transport someday, make it a point to still take your bike out for a ride. By not using it at all, you are causing damage to it which is slow but steady in nature.
  • Adjust the bike to your comfort
    If there is some part of your bike that makes you uncomfortable, like the seat, then get it changed. By ignoring the discomfort, you could be inviting a backache which can be dangerous when you’re on a long ride.
  • Remember your bike insurance dates
    Lastly, it is essential to remember when to renew your bike insurance. In all that excitement of having a new bike for yourself, do not forget when you need to renew the insurance. If you cross the expiry date of the policy, you will lose benefits like the No Claim Bonus from your previous insurance (if any). And even though buying a new insurance is possible, it could mean that the two-wheeler insurance cost will be a little more without the lost discounts.


As a new bike owner, you should certainly celebrate having a new bike. But do not forget the responsibilities that come with owning something as precious as a new vehicle.

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Your new bike needs all the care it can get from a good bike insurance policy as well as some tender loving care from you!

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