Newborn Twin Died Because of Doctor’s Rash Behavior

There was supposedly a brain injury during the delivery process due to which the newborn twin died.

Newborn twin died because of doctor’s rash behavior

A newborn twin died owing to a brain injury only 24 hours after the doctor treated him like a ‘ragdoll’ in the midst of a messed up delivery.

It is being claimed that Dr. Anupama Ram Mohan was gritting her teeth as she forcefully pulled little Harry Page from the mother’s womb by his feet. He was in a breech position yet the doctor applied force side to side, and up and down.

The doctor finally succeeded in the delivery but the young one had already been injured in the skull. A wound that caused hemorrhaging. Harry’s condition began to deteriorate immediately. He died the next day.

It has come to light that Dr. Mohan was trained in India and had previous work experience in Oman. She had joined John Radcliffe only four months ago. She was hired as a specialist trainee registrar in gynecology and obstetrics.

When the newborn twin died, there was an inquest into the tragedy in which the doctor allegedly lied. The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service was told that the tragic incident happened in 2012 when the mother Vicki Page came to the John Radcliffe Hospital for the purpose of having the twin Harry and his brother Ollie.

Ollie was born on December 15 with the help of another obstetrician who had to use forceps, however, as soon as Dr. Mohan took control of the situation so that a breech extraction of Harry could be carried out. Soon afterwards, the newborn twin died.

His body and legs were easily delivered but there were difficulties when the doctor tried to release his head.Owen Page, the 51 year old father works as a warehouse manager. He was present throughout the entire incident.

He told the tribunal that the midwife asked the doctor why she was rushing the delivery. Mr. Page gave evidence stating that “Harry was being pulled round like a ragdoll. It appeared she was pulling him side-to-side and up and down.

He further said that the legs of the boy were almost touching the stomach of his wife. The legs came down very quickly owning to the amount of force applied on them. He also said that Dr, Mohan seemed to be gritting her teeth during the procedure. She also seemed to have a very tight face.

Mr. Page was worried watching the process and the force being used on the child. He began thinking of it as an uncontrolled process. The doctor then, let the boy hand without any support before she repeated the whole procedure. The boy almost popped out during the second attempt.

Mr. Page thought that the neck of the boy was going to break since it was stretched beyond belief and seemed to snap. At first it seemed as if both the boys were fine, however, around 4 am Harry had to be rushed to a resuscitation unit due to his deteriorating situation.

The newborn twin died around 2 am. It was revealed during later examination that he had suffered brain injuries at the time of birth.

Dr. Mohan is denies any wrongdoing and advising incorrect medicine during the delivery process. She also denies having made false statements during the inquest.

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