ISIS propaganda video shows footage of Today host Karl Stefanovic

Despite the news coming out of the Islamic State, the ISIS Propaganda video paints a rosy picture of life within the caliphate

ISIS propaganda video shows footage of Today host Karl Stefanovic

Today show host Karl Stefanovic hit back at the terrorist group through his social media account after it used his footage in the latest ISIS propaganda video.

A short footage of the Nine Network’s show was seen at the beginning of the 12 minute ISIS propaganda video which is entitled ‘So we will give him a good life.’

The new ISIS propaganda video was released through the group’s channel 9 on Telegram which is an encrypted communication service.

The video was seen by the Fairfax Media. It begins with scenes that show armed policemen and armored vehicles on the move in the aftermath of the devastating San Bernardino attack in California last December. The ISIS propaganda video then cuts to the TV host Stefanovic who is a recording live in front of a camera outside the Le Carillon bar.

More than a dozen people had lost their lives in the Paris attacks that took place in November last year. The responsibility of the attacks was claimed by the Islamic State.

In the video Stefanovic can be seen reacting to the heavy police presence. The crow can also be seen fleeing when they hear loud bangs. Obviously, people mistakenly took them for gunshots.

In the ISIS propaganda video, a narrator can be heard praising the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino before footage of people living without fear in the Islamic State. The narrator calls for new people to join the group.

Nine networks has refrained from commenting on the ISIS propaganda video, however, Stefanovic hit back on social media on Thursday morning. He wrote:

“All you isil bastards [sic]” to tune in to Today on Monday because the show is giving away “heaps of cash and good times.”

After showing Stefanovic in the French capital, the video switches over to the footage of Barack Obama and Francois Hollande. There are several other patches from different videos stitched together. These patches are apparently from different networks.

The ISIS propaganda video also shows footage of a famous Syrian leader Zahran Alloush who was killed in a Russian airstrike on Christmas Eve.

The obvious intention of the ISIS propaganda video is to show that the people living inside the caliphate are enjoying their lives by fishing, cooking, working out and relaxing.

In a bizarre scene, one can see people in wetsuits catching fish inside a lake and waving the IS flag underwater. Another man is shown singing about killing disbelievers while some other people are preparing weapons.

“We are men that love that death just as you love life. We are the soldier that fight in the day and the night,” the man sings.

Despite the rosy picture depicted by the ISIS propaganda video, people living in the de facto capital of the caliphate Raqqa, paint a very different picture of a state at the edge of destruction. During the past year, IS territory shrank considerably in both Iraq and Syria.

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