Nicki Minaj Grabs the Whole Attention at Tidal X Charity Concert

If someone termed the Tuesday night to be a night of stars or singers, then it wouldn’t a vague statement. Several stars performed and showed their talent on the eve. Yet, the presence of 32 year old singer drew everyone’s attention as she stepped on the stage. Nicki Minaj was dressed in her racy low-cut corset, lace stockings and boots while performing at the sold out Tidal X concert in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, New York.

Nicki Minaj grabs the whole attention at Tidal X charity concert

Beyonce’s performance added fuel to the preset fire by Nicki, she joined the 32 year old singer to perform Feeling Myself. Plunging corset, lace stockings and boots aside Nicki put something in a show that no one would soon forget. The scream and her row created such an atmosphere that would be nightmares for the onlookers.

The Anaconda star took shocking to a new level when she started singing and dancing in a provocative way while her female back-up dancers crowded around her. Nicki appeared to enjoy playing the tease, smiling out at the audience while high-heeling it downs the stage.

The singer who apparently loves to shock may have even usurped Queen Bey – or Beyonce as she’s known – who amped things up by joining her on stage to sing their song Feeling Myself live for the first time.

Beyonce wore a bodysuit that was very pink and decorated with garters and suspenders, along with nude hose and black ankle boots. Beyonce’s pink-clothed troupe joined Nicki’s black-clad dancers for some fiercely competitive moves.

On Monday, the two were seen at the concert hall where they rehearsed together for five hours. One thinks they were able to perfect their sexy moves. The performance reminded the audience about the one of the most renowned song “Beautiful liar.” Though there was something in the song yet the actual reason behind its success as the move of Shakira and Beyonce. One the Tuesday eve spectators witnessed spectacular chemistry among the ladies and couldn’t prevent their hands from the clap. Tidal X: 1020 was also expected to present performances from Lil Wayne, T.I., Usher, Nick Jonas, French Montana, Damian Marley, Indochinese, Fabulous, and more.

Nicki, meanwhile, perhaps gave her social media followers a start this week when she posted a revealing selfie in which she wore another low-cut crop top. She also shared a dual image – of herself – in which she showed off her hourglass figure to the fullest advantage

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