Nikki Haley Speech Emphasizes GOP’s Future Course of Action

After the incumbent US President Barack Obama had finished his final State of the Union address, the Governor of South Carolina responded to president’s remarks. Nikki Haley speech covered the tenure of the president and also looked towards the future. The governor stated her belief that the future of America will be much better under a Republican president.

Nikki Haley Speech Emphasizes GOP’s Future Course of Action

Nikki Haley speech echoed the Republican hopes that the Obama presidency will end sooner allowing the US to turn towards a new direction. Speaking from the capital of Columbia, Ms. Haley said that she wanted to talk about that direction.

She said that the American voters were not satisfied by the way they were being governed. She accepted that fact that the Republican Party also shared some of the responsibility for the public’s frustration. Nikki Haley speech, in effect, sought to channel that frustration into meaningful action.

Haley, the first non-white governor to be elected from South Carolina, said that there were a lot of things that had gone and Republicans needed to own the truth. She further said that the party needed to accept its own role in the governance mess. And then, it needs to fix all the problems.

Nikki Haley speech also emphasized the fact that she is herself a daughter of immigrants and the Republican Party is an all-inclusive entity. This may have been a thinly veiled reference to some very hard comments made by some of her party members about immigrants in general and Muslims in particular.

She made the point that Americans were living in an age of insecurity when the threats faced by people are unprecedented threats. In such times people are tempted to follow the ones who seem to be taking a stand. Haley resolved that the people of America will resist this temptation.

However, Haley did reiterate the point that the Republican Party does not support opening the American border for all the immigrants. America must not allow refugees with dubious backgrounds and malicious intents to come here. This is why some republican congressmen have been asking to a stop to the administration’s program for admitting thousands of refugees from Syria.

Nikki Haley gained widespread recognition for the way she handled the affairs in the aftermath of the Charleston church mass shooting. Haley championed the move of removing a confederate flag from a house near the Statehouse earning her mass approval of the people.

She referenced the incident in Nikki Haley speech by saying that she supported the removal of the flag since it was dividing the American people. In doing so, American found strength to become united against a terrorist threat and the hatred that had overwhelmed him. This single action has taught American a worthwhile lesson.

While the Nikki Haley speech focused on the future course for the Republican Party, she also emphasized the guiding principles of the GOP including support for the Second Amendment and lower tax rates.

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