Obama State of The Union Address Predicts Dark Future

Obama State of The Union address on Tuesday night warned the American public that a very dark future was in store of them if they did not become united rather than dividing themselves over religious and ethnic lines.

Obama State of The Union address predicts dark Future

The president also sketched the path that could take America away from the democratic principles towards fascism and chaos. This was exactly what a Republican senator had recently described as an ‘apocalyptic future’

Senator Robert Portman of Ohio remarked about the Obama State of The Union address: “I remember thinking it’s kind of dreadful prediction for our future,” He further added, “He was very optimistic about America, but then he laid out a very almost apocalyptic future.”

Senator Rob Portman added that Obama’s State of The Union address actually warned Americans that if they lost hops and became cynics, it will be the victory of the forces of evil. If they give up now, they will lose hopes for a better future.

Obama had warned about war, rising racism and people losing their right to choose their leader. He said that the rich will get richer and more powerful. They will get more control over the decision-making process in the white house. They will be able to send young men to fight in foreign lands. They will have the ability to allow economic disasters to happen. They will roll back equal voting rights which Americans have won with their blood.

Obama State of The Union address reiterated the point that with growing frustration people will find it convenient to fall back into groups and tribes, target their fellow Americans who are in some ways dissimilar, or have different religions, or different backgrounds.

In reference to the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, the president said that there are already such voices that are urging people to do just that. Trump, on the other hand, remarked on the social media that the Obama State of The Union address was boring him.

The president, however, continued with his speech saying that Americans cannot afford to go down the path of division since it will never allow America to achieve the economy it wants, or offer security to Americans. In fact, it will contradict everything that has made America a great nation.

Rob Portman remarked that the president may have been listening to a lot of Trump speeches. But a lot of people are listening to Donald Trump’s speeches. It does not mean that the president should have remarked about them in the State of The Union address which is supposed to be an uplifting event for the public.

Senator Bob Croker who has recently returned from The Middle East also said that democracy is a fragile entity which makes it extremely vulnerable.

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