No Concern of Dating – Ben Affleck Has Not Involved With Nanny Christine Ouzounian

American actor and actress, Jennifer Garner made the hard decision to finish their 10 year matrimony and them together declared plans to divorce in the month of June.

No concern of dating! Ben Affleck has not involved with Nanny Christine Ouzounian

News of a scandal spreads rapidly when supposedly someone accuses Ben of engaging with one of his kid’s previous nannies Christine Ouzounian. But Ben denied the story completely and said:

“its rubbish completely; it is shocking that journalist smacking at someone’s personal life without any proof. It’s a disgraceful trick to make such news just for building the magazine.

He claims that we are thinking about lawful choices. I am not dating with anyone. Ben’s focal point has been on his family and his job with children coming first, the source says of the loyal father of three.

“Dating is not his problem and it has not been his middle during the division time.” Likewise, Jennifer is alone and paying attention on her family and her future movie, sources told that Garner is taking extra care of her children throughout this hard time and being very clear with them. Now Garner thinks she had no option but to leave star later than years of difficulty.

News claim nervousness between one of Hollywood’s beloved couples was typically the effect of the actor’s incapability to get manage of his associates, mostly women, alcohol and at time gambling.

The actor had an open talk with his wife where he confessed he had not been dedicated to the wedding in the past some years’, strong sources explained just.

Some source says, “There is not anything bodily or idealistic between Ben and Christine.” As well, in meanness of idea to the conflicting, “Ben is mainly polite and sometimes that is misunderstood by the others”.

The magazine stated that Christine was eager because of Jennifer after she exposed how well the couple was getting on but she stay in touch with Ben and use time with him in Los Angeles on July.

Not long ago following the report of him catching up with a younger co-star come out, Garner actually set up her children and gone out of country to keep an eye on him.

But now for some reasons they proclaimed their marriage was over now one day past their 10 year anniversary and promptly planed off to be holding out the storm with their little ones in the Bahamas. She also said that is enough and she cannot continue relation with Ben.

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