NYC-Bound Air France Flight Accopmanied by Fighter Jets After ‘Chemical Weapons Threat’

The flight 22 of the air France has landed at the airport in New York named John F. Kennedy after being gone along with in foreign land by U.S. fighter jets. They received a call about the threat of chemical weapons placed in the plane and that is the emergence of any type of danger on the edge of the personnel.

NYC-Bound Air France Flight Accopmanied by Fighter Jets After ‘Chemical Weapons Threat’

In actuality they have a fear that the flight is straight away in a looks for explosive in the hijack site of the airport, allocate to planes and they think that the plane is carrying a weapon in it.

Anonymous news first reports that a senior U.S official has told an anonymous reporter in this morning about the France that had requested reinforcement with the flight, and so they had left the Paris very earlier in this morning and also that the U.S had trying very hard or we can say that they are struggling to bring together the fighter jets to fly alongside the plane.

Someone informed on the call to Air France flight and gave them warning of loaded of chemical weapons in the plane.

On asking, the official told that they are not confirmed that what type of a threat it was but there is no doubt that we have a threat which is explicitly the indication was on the plane.

But according to the news the threat is not be sure for them at this moment. When the plane had landed, one of our reliable sources asked to another official about the threat because he wanted to be confirmed and he also posted the similar version of events which was already mentioned.

According to them the plane is being directed to the Hijack side and it will take time before passengers get to terminal one. The question is what is the hijack site?

It is basically the name of area which is secure and far from other planes where a plane that is under the skepticism can easily be inspected and checked easily. It is the area where hijacked planes were directed to land that’s why they are named like this.

We come to know through our twitter user who has just begun tweeting that it is suspected that the investigators searched the plane because they wanted to do this. Air France 22 is tagged to have been sent from Malawi.

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