Paris Hilton turns up for Coachella 2016 in a shocking Maxi Dress

The summer dress was the first time that Paris Hilton has tried such a daring dress in public. Paris Hilton is never known to have been a shy person. That is why no one was surprised when the socialite heiress made her way in full force wearing a shocking maxi dress, to the Coachella 2016 Festival on Sunday evening.

Paris Hilton turns up for Coachella 2016 in a shocking Maxi Dress

The blonde celebrity was among many other stars gathered for the annual festival in the Colorado Desert. The 3s year old proved that she is still, beyond doubt, a head turner.

Her choice of attire was as energetic as the star herself. It was a colorful ensemble that allowed the heiress to look awesome. It was a full length shocking maxi dress which revealed her ample cleavage besides displaying her pins.

The sleeveless maxi dress was adorned with a heart – like pattern at the centre featuring big feathers. The TV star chose to cap the look with a star shaped Tara. The look was further energized with the help of a pair of sunglasses.

Coachella is regarded as the most fashionable arts festival which is why a seasoned fashion personality like Paris got the dress code of the event spot on.

It must be said that the neckline of the summer dress was rather daring but the heart print was featured in a perfect manner. The thigh-high splits added extra pizzazz to the dress.

Just like any other celebrity, Paris also posted an image of herself on social media before she became part of an enormous group of celebrities that were already present to attend the festival.

Paris shared a full-length snap of herself on the popular social media site Instagram, just as she hopped onto the bandwagon ‘Coachellavibes.’ The caption beneath the picture read:

‘Ready to ride my Unicorn to #Coachella.’

In another picture also shared by Paris, one could see her as she sat over an inflatable. Hilton first became wildly famous when she participated in ‘1 Night in Paris’.

A tape of the star was also released which became a blessing in disguise for the young heiress. Many entertainment commentators have alleged that it was the leaked tape that turned the Hilton Heiress into a household name.

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