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Pi Day Mathematics Competition

Have you heard of Pi Day Mathematics Competition?

If you are not aware of it yet, let us give you a view on it.

The Pi Day Mathematics Competition is a chance for the students studying in secondary or higher secondary levels in the private and government schools in Qatar for exploring the mathematics’ fun side.

The ratio of the circumference of the circle to its diameter is an irrational number that is represented by the Greek letter ‘?’ and approximated as 3.14 commonly. March 14 of every year denoted as 3/14 in the format displaying month/date is celebrated as Pi Day in every country.


The prime objective of the Pi Day celebration is to provide a spotlight on the importance of ? along with having fun doing the calculations. In Qatar, an eminent university like ‘Carnegie Mellon University’ hosts Pi Day by putting in order a mathematics competition for the students of high school. The goal is to boost awareness and interest in the subject mathematics in Qatar’s high school communities.

About the competition:

Team of 4 students has to compete in 2mathematical problem-solving rounds. The top four teams will be determined in the preliminary round. Then, those 4 teams will progress to the final round. The Qatar campus of the Carnegie Mellon University is the campus which is located in the Education City.

Eligibility criteria:

Any school student in Qatar state is eligible for participation.

About the registration criteria:

  • All the teams should possess 4 students and a staff or faculty who will be the team advisor. All the students on a single team should turn up from the same school.
  • A student can’t be a member of two or more than two teams.
  • Exchanging or substituting team members at any level of the competition is not possible.
  • An individual school can register two teams at the most for the competition.
  • All the applicants should be submitted in English.
  • Filling the application form is necessary for registering a team.
  • The staff or faculty advisor is liable for the registration of the team and the earlier and consequent communication with the organizers.
  • The deadline for the registration is the middle of February.
  • The decisions of the application are sent via e-mail.

The format:

The competition has two rounds which are Preliminary Round and Final Round. Both rounds are conducted in English. The availability of Arabic translation is also there.

The competition’s mathematical content will be steady with the topics that are listed in the grades 9 to 11’s curriculum standards fixed by the Supreme Education Council.

About the Preliminary Round:

  • This round is held at 9 a.m. in the month of February at the campus of Carnegie Mellon University Qatar in the Education City.
  • The students or the contestants are asked to arrive by 8 a.m. on the competition day.
  • The preliminary round is a written test. Each team is provided 90 minutes for completing a set of 40 questions of various difficulty.
  • Each team is given a question booklet in Arabic and English along with an answer sheet. The team members can solve various problems. Each team can submit one answer sheet only.
  • The penalty is there for wrong answers. ¼ of the respective points are deducted from the total points overall.
  • The top four teams selected from the preliminary round progress to the Final round. If there is a tie, a random draw is done to make decisions.
  • Contact with the finalists is done by e-mail.
  • The judges’ decision is final.

About Final Round:

The final round is held at the march’s middle on the same campus of the Carnegie Mellon University Qatar in Education City.

The contestants are asked to reach by 9:30 a.m. on the very day of the competition.

The final round is held in the format of the Quiz Bowl.

In tie happens, tiebreaker questions are asked. The first team who answers it correctly wins.

The judges’ decision is final.


In the preliminary round, the Certificates of Participation are given to the participants.

The finalists are given awards after the final round.

If you want more information and wish to know the rules and regulations.

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