Learning Goals of Primary Education Every student Should Achieve

Primary education sets the future foundation of the learning as well as the personality of the students. This has motivated educational experts to devise strategies and design the course curriculum in order to meet the growing needs of society. The change and development of society impact the ideology of people and require changes in the curriculum accordingly.

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Primary education is given great importance in the whole world. The curriculum is specially designed to lace the students with all the required learning goals. The British curriculum is one of the most appreciated ones in the world which is adopted by several countries. UAE is one of them.

The UK curriculum focuses on the cognitive learning of the students. Generally, parents enrol their children in British primary schools in Dubai to ensure the achievement of learning goals. Before making a final decision about the quality of education, it is important to explore the learning goals of primary education. This article will provide you with basic knowledge about these goals.

Top 4 Learning Goals of Primary Education

Primary education is the basic step towards a progressive future. If the foundation of students is not set properly, they will not be able to become successful. Therefore, few goals are set for the primary level of education. It is the responsibility of the parents and teachers to ensure a child meets these goals.

The following are the major goals of primary education which define the status of learning of a student.

Become Responsible

One of the basic goals of primary education is to make the students responsible. In the early years of school, spending a few hours away from parents is quite difficult for kids. Therefore, primary education should teach them the importance of attending school and learning.

Moreover, the children should learn their responsibilities towards their parents, school, fellow students and society.

Develop National Identity

Parents play a crucial role in teaching their kids about their identities. For example, they tell them their name, parents name, basic knowledge about family, their home and religion. The primary schools have the responsibility of teaching about national identity.

Education makes them aware of their national affiliations, like their national flag, national anthem and national figures. It instils patriotism among students.

Develop Language, Reading and Learning Skills

A major learning goal of primary education is to set the foundation of language, reading and learning skills of students. For example, people from different cultures and backgrounds of the world have moved to the UAE. Learning a common language and being fluent in it is quite critical.

Moreover, students should develop reading and learning skills. They should be able to grasp ideas quickly and communicate them with others.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Primary education should enable children to adopt a healthy lifestyle. At first, they must learn the basic definition of a healthy lifestyle. They should know the importance of exercising, eating healthy food, sleeping on fixed time and waking up early.

Students should also know the importance of keeping the atmosphere clean. They should also ensure taking part in physical activities to ensure their fitness.

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Concerned about your children’s Learning Goals?

If you are living in the UAE, your concerns can be resolved easily. You can enrol your children in British primary schools in Dubai and ensure strong foundational development. You child will be able to flaunt above mentioned as well as other learning gaols by the end of primary education. So, trust UK curriculum schools for a better future of your child and ensure his/her success.

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