6 Things You Should Know About Sex After Childbirth

Sex After Childbirth – Every new mother knows that life changes abruptly after childbirth. But only a small part of women are talking about the changes in sexual life. Childbirth causes significant modifications in the physical and emotional condition. Sex is the very thing that can make you feel yourself again. It is also a good method to cope with stress and strengthen relationships with your partner. Here is the list of six things you may expect when you return to full sex life or sex after childbirth.

6 Things You Should Know About Sex After Childbirth

1. You have to wait for a month or even more

It is very important to postpone the first sexual intercourse after childbirth until your gynecologist will tell you that it is okay. You need to make an appointment with your doctor during the sixth week of the postpartum period to be sure that there is no bleeding, the cervix is closed, and all injuries are recovered. Having sexual intercourse too early can probably lead to infection or cause renewed injuries of the sensitive reproductive system. 

2. You still can enjoy it

Despite the fact that it is forbidden to have vaginal sex at least for a month after childbirth, everything that avoids penetration or pain is possible. Everything depends on your personal feelings and desires. You need to know that masturbation is absolutely normal during the postpartum period. If you and your partner feel a strong desire, oral and manual stimulation can actually be a life vest. Moreover, such games can excite both of you and make waiting for the right moment even hotter.

3. Sex can be painful at first

Even if your doctor gave you the green light to resume your sex life, you may feel a sharp pain during sex, as if you were a virgin again. Hormonal changes can make your vagina sensitive and dry, especially during breastfeeding. And some women who have had a vaginal delivery need more than 6 weeks to completely cure all the injuries. You can try a durable silicone-based lubricant that covers the vagina and decreases the friction of the sore area. Everything should happen slowly and in the most comfortable (for both of you) position.

4. Contraception is important

You could hear the tale, that it’s impossible to get pregnant while breastfeeding. And even if you still don’t have menstruation, you can still have ovulation which rises over time. You can consult with your doctor about postpartum birth control. If you plan to breast-feed, it is best to use condoms, a diaphragm, or an IUD that can be inserted soon after childbirth. If you are not breastfeeding, you can use the usual birth control pills.

5. You may dislike actions with your breasts 

You’ve got a baby that is eating off your breasts a dozen times a day and sensitive nipples. Of course, you may not like any kind of touches to them. You even can feel something like squeamish when your partner kisses or caress you there. The fact is that the hormones your body produces to keep an amount of milk can reduce libido and develop vaginal dryness. Take the opportunity to let your partner examine other parts of the body that excite you.

6. Recognize that you are attractive

It is absolutely normal that your body had changed during the last nine months. Many women feel shy about their shapes, especially when they are nacked. The best way to solve this problem is to focus on sex as a chance to be desired. Listen to your body, discover new sensations and learn your partner again. You also need to make time for things that foster your self-love and self-confidence. Perform a manicure or face mask, go for a walk and simply meditate with a cup of tea on a rainy day.

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