Pippa Middleton secures a better match than Kate

Kate’s little sister Pippa Middleton, is engaged to the insanely rich James Matthews. It is now obvious Pippa will be able to live the life that her elder sister can never even dream of. Pippa Middleton and James Matthews were engaged on Saturday in the Lake District.

Pippa Middleton secures a better match than Kate

In a reportedly dramatic turn of events, James actually got down on his knees and asked Pippa to marry him. He also pulled out a pricey ring that accompanied his request. The ring has a price tag of a quarter of a million Pounds.

With this engagement, Pippa Middleton is officially off the market. She was regarded as one of the most desirable women in England with her good looks and a great derriere.

Moreover, she is considered a royalty owing to her in-laws. Pippa Middleton is a party planner and a socialite. By getting engaged with such a rich man, little sister has managed to eclipse Kate Middleton.

Of course, Kate Middleton is married into the royalty. There is every chance that her son will become the king of England one day. But her life as a royalty does have some restraints.

Pippa Middleton will not be bound by such royal restraints. She will be free to live the carefree life of an extremely rich woman. This is something that Kate will never be able to do. She will always be a beautiful bird inside the royal cage.

The duchess will always need to be prudent in her life. She will not be able to spend her money freely neither on herself nor on her children lest someone tag her as a spendthrift.

She cannot wear designer clothes in public. Kate cannot make more than a single skiing trip in a month. The big sister is doomed to a lifetime of frugality with people always looking after the way she is diminishing the royal coffers.

While Kate looks after every penny that she spends, Pippa will have all the freedom to spend as much as she wants. He would-be husband is a hedge fund manager.

He has more money than a few small countries. He is only forty years old and does not seem to have any qualms about spending money on his bride. Pippa Middleton has the best of everything. The engagement is the first item on that list. After all she owes her fame to her big sister.

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