How do you Get the Best Power Bank for Yourself?

Before power banks came into the picture, we used USB wall chargers and it made sense to do so. As USB wall chargers have multiple USB charging ports so you can charge many devices at once and they have powerful charging speeds. With that said, as useful as USB wall chargers were and still are, they always had a major flaw just as any stationary charging electronic had, and that would be the fact that you had to keep your charging devices in a single spot. Ultimately, just leaving your device to charge in a single spot is a major inconvenience because we rather go places rather than just wait around.

Portable charger power bank

Now that power banks are part of the picture, charging has become very convenient. As a power bank is a portable charger that can practically be taken anywhere and everywhere. With that said, with so many companies now selling them, it can be difficult to know what type of power bank is best for you. That is why in this article, I’ll be going over the major points of a power bank to know so you’re able to pinpoint the best one for yourself.

How Portable and How Much Power

The power capacity is what makes up a power bank because it makes it portable. With that said, the capacity is in control of some of the most important features that make it up. For example, it controls the weight, size and how you’re able to use the charger. With that said, there are two major types of power banks on the market that are basically the basis. As there are ones that have low and high power capacities.

Low Capacity

Power banks portable charger!Power banks that have low power capacities are ones that are the most popular ones and it’s probably the one that you think of when you hear “Portable Charger” and such. The reason for that is because a low capacity means that the power bank uses only a single battery most of the time and that makes the charger very small and lightweight. One of the greatest portable feats that these types of power banks have is that they can have Slim form factors and that makes the power bank about the same size as your smartphone which means that you can charge and fit it into your pocket.

Ultimately, if you want a portable charger that can literally go with you anywhere with no exceptions then get one with a low power capacity. Although, just be warned, that a low power capacity means that these chargers are meant to charge smartphones and other small devices to their full power once or twice before they need a recharge.

High Capacity

Then there are power banks that have high power capacities and even though these ones are larger and heavier, they’re still a lot more useful. The reason that these are larger is that they have to use many batteries in order to have a high power capacity. With that said, a high power capacity results in a larger size and heavier weight. Not really meant for fitting it into your pocket and neither are you able to comfortably hold them for long periods of time.

On the powering side though, that’s where things really shine because a 20,000mAh power bank enables you to charge your smartphone and other devices such as tablets multiple times to full power. It doesn’t stop there, these power banks also use multiple USB charging ports so you can charge multiple devices at once.

Charging Speeds

Output Charging

The charging speed that your devices receive whilst recharging is called the Output. Charging speeds for Mini power banks that have a single USB charging port usually, have slow charging speeds.

However, when it comes to power banks that have multiple USB charging ports, that’s when things are different because then you need to consider what each port has to offer. That’s because if you’re charging many devices at once, then you want each of the devices that you’re charging to charge at a good rate. So if a power bank has 3 USB ports and each of those ports has a charging speed of 1 Amp then that’s quite bad because for the most part lots of devices, even smartphones are able to charge faster than 1 Amp speeds.

Which is why a power bank that has many USB ports should have a charging speed of 2 Amp per port or higher. If you plan on charging a tablet with your power bank then a 2.4A charging speed would be even better because tablets like iPads have a max charging speed of 2.4A.

Another thing to consider if you have an Android smartphone is to know if it’s compatible with Quick Charge or USB-C. That’s because if it is, then you should consider getting a power bank that features one of those technologies so you’re able to have better charging speeds.

Input Charging

The recharging of a power bank is one nearly just as important as when you’re using it and that’s because you want to be able to start using it again as soon as possible. With that said, most Mini power banks have slow recharging speeds because they have less power to recover.

When it comes to high capacity power banks that’s when recharging speeds are most important because they have more power that they need to recover. With that said, one of the most useful recharging methods are power banks that use 2 Input ports and those are the ones that are able to recharge faster. Or the power banks that use Quick Charge or USB-C as a recharging method are ones that are very useful when you use a Quick Charge USB wall charger with them.

Know the Brand that You’re Purchasing from

With the surplus of companies that sell power banks, there are of course companies that sell low-quality products; hence the word “Surplus”. There are quite a lot of these companies on the market that are selling low-quality power banks and they want you to believe that they’re selling high-quality products but most of the time that isn’t true at all. They could say that their power bank features fast charging speeds and a compact size, and yet their power bank only has a 1 Amp charging speed and is way too bulky to fit into your pocket.

That is why it’s mandatory that you take a close look at the specifications of a power bank to make sure that it’s up to modern standards. Also taking a look at some reviews will give you a great benefit as it gives an insight on someone else’s experience with a product. Also, companies that have warranties that last a long time are among the most trustful because they have really believed in their products.

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