Pregnancy Discharge: Is Cervical Mucus An Early Sign Of Pregnancy

During pregnancy and menstrual cycle the cervical mucus of women changes constantly. Some people relate cervical fluid and pregnancy stating that it can be an early sign of pregnancy.

Cervical mucus in early pregnancy

What is cervical mucus?

There are some of amount of vaginal discharge in women throughout the month. This condition however changes during the initial stages of the pregnancy. This sort of discharge is known as leucorrhea which is thin and milky white substance. The term is commonly used in pregnancy but is also found in non-pregnant women also.

The cervical mucus in early pregnancy, the amount of cervical fluid also increases and with the passage of time turns into the mucus plug over time. The baby is protected inside the mucus plug from infections and breaks down only at the time of delivery.

Vaginal discharge is considered a sign of pregnancy, especially around the time of pregnancy. The increase in estrogen during this period is the reason of changes in the vaginal discharge. The increase in the amount of estrogen also stimulates the flow of blood to your pelvic area leading to increase in the discharge.

If you skip your periods for a couple of days then it is better to confirm it with a proper pregnancy test to know about the conception.

How early can you detect pregnancy?

On the basis of the research it has been found that a majority of newly pregnant women have a sufficient amount of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) by eight to ten days after ovulation. With a very sensitive home pregnancy test, you can confirm pregnancy during the time.

Sometimes testing of pregnancy during the early days may give a negative result especially when you have ovulated a little later than you think. This happens usually when your hCG production is on the lower end of normal or if the implantation has not occurred so far. In case you choose to test after seven days of ovulation which is an early period and do not get a positive result, then you should get the test done after a couple of days so that you can be sure of the result.

Some of the early signs of Pregnancy –

Mentioned below are some of the common early symptoms and signs of pregnancy:-

1. Missed period – If you are expecting a child and one or two weeks has elapsed without your menstrual cycle then you may be pregnant.

2. Swollen or tender breasts – During the early stages of pregnancy, you may find hormonal changes in the breasts as it sore and become sensitive. After a couple of weeks this discomfort may reduce as the body gets adjusted to the various hormonal changes. You might feel cervical mucus early pregnancy before period but it is always better to get it confirmed by a doctor.

3. Increased Urination – You may feel like urinating more often. From the start of your pregnancy, the uterus expands and this puts pressure on the bladder which causes you to pee more often.

4. Nausea with or without vomiting – During the 6th week of pregnancy morning sickness begins. Many women might feel nausea and some do not experience it at all.

5. Fatigue – One of the common symptoms of pregnancy is fatigue.

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