‘Pretty Little Liars’Hits Season Premier Viewership Stumpy, ‘Stitchers’ Premieres OK

ABC Channel is considered to be one of the most successful running channels for its unique drama sequels. Now the ABC family this Tuesday appeared once again with the return of the channel’s maximum watched sequence and with that the starting of the first practical drama.

‘Pretty Little Liars’Hits Season Premier Viewership Stumpy, ‘Stitchers’ Premieres OK

But, with a 1.1 rating by the adults 18-49 and spectators of 2.378 million, Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars may not have delivered Stitchers with the liftoff sequence and that is something ABC family was not hopping for.

Starting to talk about it considering about the demo with the Season 5 premiere on June 10 2014, the last night’s “Game On, Charles” episode was not such a big cheer for the channel and the rating is down by 13% in complete viewership from last year’s starter.

Talking about the unsatisfactory debuts, the top scripted original on cable on this Tuesday’s Season 6 debut becomes the slightest watched premiere in the show’s history. Before this the minimum was 2.47 million.

The media sources are saying that this series debut performed better than last night’s display which is approximately 4%. The company is relating the viewership of the Season 6 opener with the Season 5 finale of March 24, 2015 that shows 0% down in rating. The rating chart shows numerous variations in the viewership.

Women 18-34 (2.3 rating)

Females 12-34 (2.6 ratings)

But last night’s PLL was considered to be the top show on all of TV. Considering the detail for the demos of Women 18-49 (1.7 rating), Viewers 12-34 (1.5 rating) and Adults 18-34 (1.4 rating) to be precise, the Season 6 starter was considered the No. 1 in primetime cable. With that entire charto f variation of seasons in mind, Stitchers had some low prospect to deal with last night with its 9 PM debut. The critics see the story as a bit tricky.

The sources tells the story as this series was about a young woman who is enlisted by the feds to hack into the minds of the dead to crack murders drew a 0.5 rating and 1.28 million spectators in total.

The thing worth mentioning here is that ABC Family has been showing Stitchers online for the past few weeks too to attract the audience and get more popularity for the season. The Stitchers result was almost the same as that of Chasing Life after the PLL S5 debut.

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