Prince Harry and Meghan Markle experience awkward moments in Antigua

Prince Harry found himself in an awkward position when Antigua PM invited him and Meghan Markle for honeymoon. Later, the blushing price was dragged out by the hostess for a dance.

Prince Harry dances with Claudette Peters

Prince Harry New Love

Meghan Markle is Prince Harry’s new love. He and Meghan were invited to have a honeymoon in Antigua. This came only a few days after Harry confirmed having been in a relationship with Meghan.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle experience awkward moments

The reception had hundreds of guests in front of whom the prime minister, Gaston Browne said that the pair was welcome to spend their honeymoon in Antigua.

The prince blushes

There was nothing Prince Harry could do apart from blushing and fiddling with his shirt. That’s exactly what he did in order to avoid catching the eye of the guests.

Harry was seeking to keep the relationship a secret underneath the eyes of the watching paparazzi. The trip organizers for the Caribbean were also told not to mention the name of Markle.

The prime minister also introduced him to a few models who were wearing minimal dress. The prime minister also made a meaningful remark that the prince did not need to worry since whatever is done at the place will never get out.

Prince Harry and Antigua PM

Prince Harry and Antigua PM, Gaston Browne

Further embarrassment

Prince Harry had to endure further embarrassment when a performer tried to drag him on stage. While the crowd cheered, Prince Harry tried his best to show some dance moves.

Harry was in a very strange and unwanted situation when the PM offered him to spend a night of passion with some island beauties.

However, Prince Harry very politely declined to have a photograph with Miss Antigua who did not seem to mind at all.

Other elements

Prince Harry also met mentally and physically disabled children during the second day of his tour. He had arrived a day earlier at the residence of the Governor General with the intent of taking part in a charity event.

The prince played with children and blew bubbles with them. There were stilt walkers and clowns entertaining the kids.

The music was performed by the National Youth Choir and the Antigua Girls’ High School Steel Orchestra.

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