The Value of Promo Codes for Ecommerce Stores

Promotional codes (discount coupons) are now available in many online stores. Russian retailers are taking an example from foreign trading floors. They have more experience and the target audience is vast. Indeed, giants such as eBay, Amazon have long and successfully worked with promotional codes.

Using promotional codes like Reveal promo codes, a store can provide discounts when paying by card, on delivery, on the most expensive item in the assortment, on products from old or, conversely, from new collections, for buying a friend, for reviewing the store. All this helps to attract customers and increase profits.

Therefore, the distribution of discounts is a profitable business. But we must take into account a lot of nuances, so as not to go into minus. Let’s talk about the power of coupons with discounts, and how to avoid the pitfalls when using them.

Benefits of promotional codes

Promo codes are a marketing tool that you need to use competently. Then it will be beneficial. After all the coupon’s discounts can perform many useful functions.

For example:

  • Provide additional information. A potential buyer would rather respond to a real offer to buy a product at a discount on a promotional code than an abstract opportunity to take advantage of a promotion or sale.
  • The ability to return old customers. This option is used by the Ozon store. Those who previously made purchases in it, having received an email with a promotional code, are better off returning to the same store, where they understand everything, then they will go look for a new one.
  • A chance to get rid of stale goods. Coupons help regulate sales in a specific category. For example, it can be things from old collections or unpopular sizes.
  • Option to increase basket size. Sometimes stores offer promotional code is if the purchase price exceeds a certain amount. Suppose the average bill is $500. The store gives you the opportunity to apply a discount only when the goods are purchased for an amount greater than this. 

All these points play a positive role in the development of the store, allowing it to increase profits.

Dangerous moments when using promotional codes

But you cannot say, and the possible negative effects that are associated with the use of coupons.

This may include:

  • The decrease in profit (margin). After all, any discount leads to a decrease in the seller’s income. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly calculate its value so that the store remains in positive territory and does not go broke.
  • Loss of customers directly from the basket. Ideally, the buyer should go to the site already with a promotional code. Then he will know exactly what he needs to buy and placing an order will be easy, without unpleasant moments. If the client just chose the right product, and in the basket, they are asked to enter the cherished symbols that give a discount, he will go to look for a coupon. In the best case, the person will return to the design of the order again, at worst – will simply refuse the purchase, because it will have to spend more time.
  • Costs when working with partners. You will not only have to sell the goods at a discount but also share with the webmaster who brought you a buyer with a promotional code. Here, again, you need an accurate calculation of discounts, otherwise, you can go into the red. In addition, partners may be dishonest. Therefore, careful traffic control is needed.
  • The possibility of traffic degradation. Customers who want to buy goods at discounts are often not at all interested in buying. This can affect traffic. A good strategy was chosen by Ritual. They simply suggest using the promotional code to get perfume samples, combs, and other trifles, thereby correctly motivating the buyer and converting traffic.
  • Losses due to incorrect discounts. Sometimes buyers try to trick a store. For example, they throw 2 products into a basket, use a promotional code, and then delete unnecessary goods. Or enter characters twice. If the system does not work correctly, then such an operation may go unnoticed. And this leads to financial losses of the store.


These dangers can be easily eliminated if store owners have the support of affiliate networks and large sites distributing coupons for a multi-million audience. And, of course, you need to correctly calculate the number of discounts. In this case, promotional codes will become an effective marketing tool.

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