Removable Wall Stickers are Removable So Use Them, Change Them and Liven up Drab Walls

One reason why people hesitate to use stickers on a wall is that they stick fast and, when removed, leave behind unseemly marks. This need not be the case when you use removable wall stickers.

Removable Wall Stickers

Stickers are supposed to stay stuck otherwise they are of no use. However, there are instances when you want stickers to stay put and then peel off easily without tearing or peeling off the paint or leaving behind a single mark. This quality is essential when you want stickers to decorate your rooms, especially if you live in a rented house and your landlord will not approve of walls being defaced. The solution is to use removable wall stickers. These are just as useful in shops and offices where you may wish to use temporary stickers for announcements or offers.

The sticker adhesive is what makes the difference

Removable wall stickers use a low tack adhesive. The adhesive is pressure-sensitive and stays put when you press the sticker. However, not all adhesives are the same. Sticker makers may claim that you can affix them and remove and then reposition them any number of times. However, low-grade adhesives may not always exhibit these properties. For instance, the low tack nature of sticker glue means that a weighty sticker could sag and then peel off. This defeats your purpose of affixing removable wall stickers to beautify your home or to promote your business.

Then again it may happen that the sticker stays put the first time around but when you peel off and try to reposition them the third or fourth time, they simply will not stay stuck. So, when you buy wall art stickers make sure to get them from reputed makers of removable wall stickers. The glue is what makes the difference and quality manufacturers are likely to use a compound that has microsphere adhesive. This type of adhesive keeps the sticker in place. When you peel it off it comes off without sticking to the substrate or leaving behind any mark. At the same time, the adhesive must have strong anchorage to the sticker, which is usually achieved with corona treatment.

Good for Temporary use

Removable wall stickers are just perfect for temporary use. You plan to stay in one place for a few months and wish to create a personalized ambience. These stickers are just perfect. Buy them as a set with a particular theme. Better still, buy several sets with a different theme in each. You can them affix one set and then remove it, replacing it with another set. The removed set can be stored and then reused whenever you want. You do not have to discard the removed wall sticker and see your money go down the drain.

A school or business may organize an event. Removable wall stickers can be used as temporary signages on walls and also for promotions. Once the event is over, simply peel them off and your walls will not show a single mark.

If you travel often then you may even use custom designed removable stickers on your luggage. Your luggage remains clean and looks unspoilt.

One good thing about removable wall stickers is that you can affix just a couple of them to one wall or go the whole hog and cover all the walls with the removable stickers. You can give free reign to your creativity and your tastes. The 150 micron thick vinyl substrate means it will not deform and that it is easy to handle. If you do not like a certain arrangement you can always remove or reposition. You can have simple colours and designs or you can have a full photographic print. This certainly is not possible with painting. Experimenting with removable wall stickers can be fun and you will also learn how much of a change can be achieved in the interiors when you use them judiciously or simply go overboard.

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