5 Proven Tips To Recycle Old Blogs!

Recycle Old Blogs

Recycle Old postsRepublishing old posts

What makes these posts appealing is that they are created after hours of extensive research that has been consolidate dover a period of time. Bloggers need to have the patience and ability to pay attention to details to create such posts.

Even though it is crucial to make new and alluring posts, research has shown that evergreen content has a lot more appeal. It is probably because the new ones lack the spirit that you had nurtured into your older posts.

And it is also one of the reasons why professional bloggers resort to recycling their timeless content.

However, the core reason why it worth recycling old posts is that it attracts a wave of new traffic which benefits your website.

Without further ado, let’s find out the ingredients that can help you spice up your old content:

1.    Repost The Old Articles

There are two reposting techniques that you should consider:

a)    Republish blog content
b)    Reshare on social media sites

Keep in mind that when we talk about republishing old posts, we don’t mean to imply that you post it the way it is, or simply change the date and bring it to your homepage. Instead, youneed toupgrade it with new and accurate information that supports thelatest facts and stats.

For example, if it is a listicle article that educates the readers, then you can add more informationthat you have learned over time and change the date to push it to your homepage.

However, you need to ensure that you do not change the date to sometime in the future as WordPress will republish the post with a new permalink. The old link will then start to show a 404 error.

2.    Repurpose The Social Media Posts

It is also wise to promote old content on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. For WordPress, you can use a plugin called Tweet Old Post. According to a survey by the Social Media Examiner, 92% of marketers reveal that social media is important for their business.

Writing a well-researched blog post can go a long way for you. It is likely to have plenty of engaging questions, quotes and statements, which you could be using when you share your blog on social media.

3.    Interlink TheOld Posts With The New Ones

You can interlink the old blog articles when you are writing new ones. It is a great SEO practice and even gives new web viewers a chance to see what they’ve missed. Try using words that are relevant to your previous articles when you create new posts.

For example, if you are writing on ‘men’s fashion’ and come across words like ‘fashion ideas’ and ‘basics of fashion’, you can link them to your older articles. Be advised that the anchor texts have to be relevant to the article that you are linking. Also, don’t try to flood your post with excessive interlinking. Only 3-5% will do.

4.    Add Related Posts Under EachPost

A simple way of promoting your evergreen articlesis by adding a related post widget at the end of your post. YARPP is a popular option in WordPress to show related posts. Linkwithin is a suitable 3rd-party option for other platforms. Related posts with thumbnail ensurebetter CTR.

5.    Make Use Of E-Newsletter

E-newsletters are another great way for you to recycle old posts in order to stay in touch with your loyal and avid readers as well as the new ones that follow. Companies have traditionally used this practice to deliver company-centric news and have motivated email subscribers to buy something.

The inbound methodology allows you to flip this worn-out concept on its head.Instead of asking your readers for something, you need to continue adding value at every opportunity you get. Here, the best way to add value to your subscribers is to repurpose your old blog post as an email.

Understand that not everyone will have the time to view your articles when you post. However, if you show up in their inbox with a short snippet of your recent blog post with an easy-to-find link, it will increase traffic back to the post.

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