Republicans Finally Standing up Against Ted Cruz

A new threating and exciting revelations have come forward that can shake the entire foundation of American government. Ted Cruz is a renowned personality and need no introduction but the question that raises today is that who’s afraid of Ted and according to media big and bad Ted Cruz.

Republicans Finally Standing up Against Ted Cruz

But in this ongoing dispute the one person who came forward is the Lamar Alexander. The Tennessee Republican moves to the Senate floor to blame the fellow Republican of planning different engagements that would make us lawless and cause chaos.

Alexander tells again the Texan that the Senate needs limit and goodwill. John Cornyn also presented its fact, those who don’t know him he is the senior senator from Texas.

American government is not playing the part more openly in the current dispute of Republican House. The Senate floor has now mainly converted into an opportunity based arena.

It has been altered as a tool to advance individual desires, more clearly to say it is a place to indorse political movements and even a vehicle to improve fundraising struggles.

But now it seems that the politicians are coming back on track and finally Senate Republicans are standing up to the oppressor who terrified them for more than past two and a half years and they are able to face him after all.

The whole incident started when Cruz on last Friday on the Senate floor called his associated Republican and the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.), a liar.

In response to this his GOP associates have moved quickly to shut down his tricks. They nominated in large figures to reintroduce the Export-Import Bank presented by the McConnell’s opposed by Cruz.

The political experts are saying that this will be a turning point for Republicans. They just have come to the decision that Cruz and his type are only paper tigers.

Cruz has create slight support on the presidential main trail; voting under 6 percent and now he’s in a tie for seventh place and has less than a third the support than Donald Trump.

One of the reliable conservative moves to the floor to change the vote on the bill. According to him “This is an appeal on my behalf for whoever is trying to shake this thing out to reduce the time so we can have the vote.” This was a direct hit towards the bullying senator as media and senate knows this in a clear reference to Cruz.

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