Rick Ross Get his Freedom on $2 Million Bond

Rick Ross on his release is become the center of the eye in every social media website. He is set to be a free man as a bond was set on $2 million. Different website is reporting a judge in Fayette County in Georgia decided the Miami rapper a $2 million bond.

Rick Ross Get his Freedom on $2 Million Bond

Ross was able to pay the amount by offering $1 million equity from the mansion formerly own by boxer Evander Holyfield and one more Georgia property as well as a $500,000 surety bond and $500,000 in cash. The story is after supposedly kidnapping a man & attacking him with a gun Rick Ross is out of jail on bond.

Different sources in media are saying:

Ross paid his bond drawing $1 million cash from boxer Evander Holyfield’s previous estate he take on board last year that’s appreciated at more than $5 million. He got the rest from a $500,000 company surety bond from a bond bailsman and tossed in $500,000 cash.

Ross’ lawyer said he would lose the whole Holyfield mansion if the rapper does anything to impede justice or threaten any witness. This is a very harsh time on Ross. His advocate his addressing his problems and its solution in the media.

If we get the story form the start, Ross is blamed of kidnapping and pistol-whipping a grounds guardian at his property. He was detained on June 24 and taken to the Fayette County Jail where was apprehended until Thursday’s release.

Ross’ bond hearing gets tougher as he scraped together from a few places:

– $1 million equity from the ex-Holyfield mansion which he bought earlier GA property

– $500,000 surety bond

– $500k in cold hard cash

Ross’ lawyer also assured his client would hand over the complete Holyfield property to the county if he threatens or threatens any witnesses. Considering the facts, in court Thursday prosecutors tell again the judge of Ross’ desolation in his crime contradictory to the victim.

He was supposedly upset that the groundskeeper living on the property had people over for his birthday the night before the incident and pulled him into the house numerous times when he tried to go, he then held a gun to his chest and endangered to shoot him if he talked.

Ross also settled to 24-hour electronic monitoring and GPS location monitoring that would keep record of him at all times.

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