The Rocky Horror Picture Show fails to impress audiences

There have been many musicals for television that have been aired over the years on different channels. Of all these TV shows, the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Fox is considered the biggest dud ever. It is an entirely uninspired TV production with just one high point: the little kernels that viewers stuck to during the entire show. No doubt, Rocky Horror Picture Show fails to impress the audiences.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror Picture Show 2016 Live Stream!

Generally, the show only made the viewers want to see the original version. This is not because it could reimagine the previous version in a comprehensive manner, but because it offered a chance to relive the strange ride that is the Horror show. Rocky Horror Picture Show live stream is available for all those people who want to watch it in their PCs.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Fox!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Fox did away with the traditional credit sequence that was lip centric. It is replaced by a scene in which Ivy Levan offers a tour of the old beaten movie theater.

In the strange moment, the history of the film is being emphasized rather than trying to copy every scene and beat. Certainly, fans who start with ‘Let there be Lips’ are not at all disappointed.

One of the low points of the show is its fake audience. Most of the fun of the Rocky Horror Picture Show emanates from the fact that one can shout at the screen.

If there is no shouting during the scene, it will take out most of the fun. The wooden audience segment will allow the viewers to run live commentaries on social media outlets.

Another high point of the Rocky Horror Picture Show is that Columbia beat the rest of the cast and rose above the other cast members in almost every scene.

The costumes in the show are not as good as they should have been. When most of the viewers were kids, they used to buy Rocky Horror costumes. This does not mean that the production should become a B grade production.

The performances of the actors are uneven. Laverne Cox was not able to do justice to the iconic character. The energy levels of the entire cast were out of rhythm.

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