New WikiLeaks release creates problems for Hillary

New WikiLeaks release

New WikiLeaks release has created a lot of problems for Hillary Clinton since it has revealed those aspects of the presidential candidate which were not public until now.

However, in the wake of these new releases, Hillary is trying to tackle the problems before voting begins for aspirations.

New WikiLeaks Podesta Emails!

Clinton’s aspirations for the presidency have been thwarted by the latest WikiLeaks Podesta emails.

But, there have been thousands of internal emails that have been made public by the anti secrecy organization.

These emails have been obtained by hackers who broke into the private account of John Podesta who is the campaign manager of Hillary Clinton.

Some of the biggest revelations of the Podesta files are as follows:

New WikiLeaks release have made known the transcripts of Hillary’s paid speeches to Goldman Sachs.

Hillary campaign hasn’t yet authenticated any of these documents lest some of them are fakes.

The emails have revealed that Hillary was on very good terms with some of the executives at the Wall Street.

Hillary Clinton speeches to Wall Street executive has come under investigation. Since, Bernie Sanders criticized her for getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for these speeches.

Clinton has always vowed that she will be very tough with Wall Street, but the WikiLeaks emails show that she does have a softer side for these people.

New WikiLeaks release creates problems for Clinton!

Clinton’s next problem is that she once declared that politicians should have a public as well as a private position.

It has been revealed through leaked WikiLeaks emails that Hillary believed that public and private positions are both necessary.

In fact, Hillary also defended her statement even when it gave way to a political turmoil.

Hillary Clinton knew that some parts of her speeches would bear heavy on her campaign. Yet she chose to go on with them.

On the other side, the cause of her next problem is with her daughter who has a feud with Hillary’s aide for global initiative, Doug Band.

Hence, the latter once called Chelsea a spoiled brat, while Chelsea has alleged that Doug’s firm had been using Clinton’s name for gaining financial benefits.

These are only some of the major problem that Hillary will have to take care after the revelations of WikiLeaks.

No doubt, it is obvious that she will face more problems when the crux o f these emails have been known.

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