5 Reasons How a Plumber Will Help You Save Money

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Ryde, one of the suburbs of Sydney, is famous for its heritage sites.  The NSW State Heritage Register includes its attractions like Willandra, the Ryde police station, Addington House, The Retreat, and St. Anne’s Anglican Church and Cemetery.

Aside from these sites, many people invest in Ryde because of its rising property value. The city’s median house valuation reached almost $1.7M based on statistics of June 2018.  Around 57 per cent of Ryde’s homes are either fully-paid or under a mortgage.

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To maintain a property’s value, the services of a reliable plumber in Ryde are necessary. Here are five specific reasons how a plumber will save you money.

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Prevent Accidents 

Based on the census of 2016, a significant percentage of Ryde’s population is above 50 years old.  If you have elderly parents living with you, you should know that they are prone to falling.  

Therefore, if your bathroom has a leaking toilet or sink, the wet floor can cause them to slip, resulting in fractured hips.  According to health professionals, the elderly have a slower recovery period and are prone to complications. A lengthy hospital stay is expensive.

To avoid accidents, make sure that a plumber in Ryde fixes leaks immediately. Toilet leaks are usually caused by the following:

  • Cracks on the toilet bowl or tank
  • Rusty pipes 
  • Spoiled seals in the toilet’s base area 
  • Loose parts (nuts, bolts, gaskets)
  • Flapper that is worn out

A professional plumber is the best person to diagnose the root cause of your leak.  A replacement of parts may be necessary, especially if the toilet is quite old.

Maintains Good Health

In the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Ryde Hospital was the centre of Australia’s initial cluster.  As a result, the Sydney Health Network recommends everyone to stay home, wash hands with soap and water, and practice social distancing.

To wash hands regularly, make sure that all sinks at home are usable.  Get a plumber to check for any loose connections to the water supply, faulty faucet rings, or corroded valves.

Lowers Water bills

A single water drip does not look wasteful.  However, if faucets are dripping for the entire day, it will cause a significant increase in your water bill.  Based on a study, 4000 water drips are equivalent to one litre.  

A plumber will diagnose the root cause of the leaks.  Since most plumbers are available 24×7, you can call on them to fix leaks anytime.

Lowers Electrical Usage

On average, water heaters account for 25 per cent of electrical consumption in Australia. Aside from lowering your water bill, a plumber can reduce your electrical usage by installing energy-efficient water heaters.  

Based on recommendations from the NSW government, most homeowners have converted from storage water heaters to instantaneous hot water systems; the latter heats water only when it is needed, thereby reducing electrical consumption.

Increases the Market Value of Property

Aside from location, one of the factors influencing a Ryde property’s market value is its aesthetics.  Buyers will be more attracted to a well-maintained home. Moreover, property assessors check a home’s heating, electrical, and plumbing systems before evaluating a home.  Therefore, it is critical to fix plumbing issues before it worsens.

Another way you can increase market value is by installing modern water heaters and having bathroom makeovers.  Most plumbing companies handle plumbing-related home renovations.

These are only five reasons why you need a plumber to reduce household expenses.  Hire a licensed and qualified plumber to fix plumbing issues immediately.

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