Travel Destinations Every Book Lover Should Visit

Literary Destinations Every Book Lover Should Visit At Least Once

It is not necessary to go somewhere to find yourself in another place. Books are capable of transporting us both to a neighboring street and to another galaxy. Unfortunately, the possibility of real intergalactic travel is still under development, but it is still real to visit books and see the places described in them with your own eyes. In this article, we have gathered top book places every literature lover should visit to feel complete immersion.

Literary Destinations Every Book Lover Should Visit

London, the UK

If you love Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes as we love them, then you have no right to refuse a trip to London. These heroes were created in different eras, they belong to different worlds – the world of magic and the world of unsolved crimes, but London still remains real and this city opens our list of vacations for book lovers.

Hint! London tour agencies offer special tours to visit Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes places, so you can save your planning efforts. Of course, try to see other world-famous places as well. And be sure to write about your travels on your blog – the best authors from the Online Writers Rating, Best Writers Online review website can help you to proofread, edit and make your stories as engaging as possible.

Barcelona, Spain

There are currently no authors on the planet who wrote better about Barcelona than Carlos Ruiz Safon. Of course, you read The Shadow of the Wind trilogy. And if you haven’t read it, then urgently add this book to the list of obligatory reading, as well as review the nearest flights to this city. Barcelona comes to life on the pages of Safon’s books, and rest assured that you will never forget this book or this city again. “Barcelona is a witch, do you understand it, Daniel? It penetrates your skin and captures your soul, and you don’t even notice it.

St.Petersburg, Russia

If you are a fan of classical Russian literature, then your path should go to St. Petersburg, and not to Moscow, as you might think. By the way, since we already remembered Moscow, then the action of Bulgakov’s mystical novel, The Master and Margarita, takes place in this city, and all the locations that are mentioned in the book are still in place.

However, be sure that Peter will open you a real gate to the world of Russian classics. The action of the books “Crime and Punishment” by Dostoevsky, as well as many stories created by Gogol and Pushkin, take place here.

And of course, the classic St. Petersburg’s rain, drawbridges, historical monuments of Tsarist Russia and white nights are already waiting for you.

Paris, France

The list of books whose plots unfold in Paris is almost endless. Let’s try to recall the most famous if you suddenly doubt that this city is a place of literary power.

  • “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame”, Victor Hugo
  • “The Red and The Black”, Stendhal
  • “The Three Musketeers”, Alexander Dumas
  • “The Arc de Triomphe”, Erich Maria Remarque
  • “A Holiday That Is Always With You,” Ernest Hemingway
  • “Bel-Ami”, Guy de Maupassant

And even this is not the end of the list — however, even one book of those that we have listed will be enough to give your heart to Paris and visit this city at least once.

Matamata (Shire, Hobbiton), New Zealand

Yes yes, we are talking about the Lord of the Rings. Of course, both the author of the book and the creators of the legendary cinematic saga did everything possible so that we could also go along with the hobbits and everyone who helped and prevented them from saving the world.

However, the village of Shire with its low roundhouses, bright green grass, and endless expanses around is real and thousands of saga lovers visit this place daily.

You cannot afford to miss this place. Yes, the journey to New Zealand will be time-consuming, and possibly costly, but can this be an obstacle to someone whose life is woven into favorite books so closely?

New York, The USA

Tell honestly, which of the books did you recall when we mentioned New York? The Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby, or Terribly Loud and Extremely Close?

Whatever your answer, this city is always worth a visit. Three books that we remembered are far from the whole list of works whose plots were unfolding in this city, and New York really has a lot to offer to lovers of literature and traveling.

America has given the world a lot of its literary talent, and of course, New York is not the only city that gives you the opportunity to touch real literary art. But in any case, you should start with New York, with the city, which is America’s hallmark.

Tokyo, Japan

If you have long wanted to get into the world of Haruki Murakami, then you should definitely visit Tokyo. Which book of this writer do you like best? The Norwegian Forest? It’s a good choice. Then be sure to visit the forest of suicides, which really exists in the suburbs of Tokyo and look at your life with different eyes.

Cultural shock is guaranteed – one trip to Japan and you will no longer be the same. You will see a country of innovation and technology, and also understand why, despite the highest level of development, a huge number of people here are so eager to say goodbye to their lives. And also, maybe you will understand why Naoko and Watanabe did this in the book too.

Atlanta, the USA

If you are looking for places to visit a book in the truest sense of the word, then do everything possible so that your path leads you to Atlanta. Do you know what book we are hinting at? Yes, it is Gone with the Wind – a book that delights and excites readers for a century.

Atlanta is still saturated with the spirit of the time – this city has remained the center of the economic development of America. Moreover, the atmosphere of the book itself has also been preserved – you should definitely visit the tour The Road to Tara, as well as the Museum of Margaret Mitchell.

And no, don’t think about it tomorrow – think about this idea today, and be sure to add this city to your list of must-to-visit places.


Of course, the list of literary destinations or vacations does not end at the places that we mentioned in this article. Almost every big city on the planet has its own cultural and literary heritage, so it is always possible to find a vivid literary trace anywhere you go.

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