Samsung Gear 360 VR Available in $349.99

Once again, the Korean electronics king has managed to launch its most amazing product. Yes, we are talking about Samsung Gear 360 VR. It has been launched for people. Read this out for more details.

Samsung Gear 360 VR Available in $349.99

Charges of Samsung Gear 360 VR:

According to the sources, it is said that Samsung Gear 360 VR will be offered in a very reasonable value. You can buy it in 349. 99 dollars. This price is specific for the customers of United States.

It is said that this Samsung Gear 360 VR camera is available in a limited quantity.

Specifications of Samsung Gear 360 VR:

Samsung has done a great job in the production of Samsung Gear 360 VR camera. It has mind-blowing features. This camera has some mind-blowing specifications. We are here to unveil all specifications of Samsung gear 360 VR. It was first unveiled by the company at the MWC event of 2016. The Samsung Gear 360 VR camera ha two excellent fish eyed lenses. These two lenses are of 15 Mega Pixels.

This camera is capable of making amazing videos. This is because of the reason that it can make videos with 180 degree angle as well as full 360 degree angle. You can say that this is the main attraction for people who loves to save each and every memory of theirs.

Along with these exceptional features, Samsung gear 360 VR as a dedicated mobile application. This is so amazing to have a smart phone application of such a smart device. It can be downloaded through Google play store. You can also install this application on your smart phones by using Galaxy application store.

On the other hand, as we have mentioned above that this camera is available in a limited quantity. So, the company is planning to release its full production later in this year. Then, it will be available on a large-scale to a large number of people.

It seems like 360 degree cameras are in trend now. This is because of the reason that Facebook has also launched its gear VR headset with a capability of 360 degree responses.

Social media is also taking part on such activities. This is for a good cause because it will increase the user’s experience. Hence, Samsung Gear 360 VR is going to make a remarkable progress in the market with its mind-blowing features as well as specifications.


Samsung Gear 360 VR camera has everything you need to capture the best moments of your life. You can use this gadget easily. This is because it is user-friendly device with a lot of amazing options. Now, get your gear 360 as it is limited.

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